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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a mortgage lender (=a bank that provides mortgages)
▪ Nearly all mortgage lenders plan to raise their interest rates.
▪ Halifax, the country's biggest lender, lingers towards the bottom of the chart.
▪ The cooperatives were the biggest lenders to the jusen.
▪ Abbey National, the second biggest mortgage lender, said claims for their cover must be made within four months.
▪ But enough investment-grade credits have declined in quality to provoke fears that big lenders may be damaged.
▪ As our biggest lender to small businesses NatWest has taken a hammering in the recession.
▪ So far the steering committee comprises representatives from its lead bank, Barclays, and four big lenders.
▪ The smaller rises from the largest two mortgage lenders will deter other societies from following the Yorkshire's move.
▪ Agricultural cooperatives, the largest lenders to the housing loan firms, are being asked to shoulder 530 billion yen in losses.
▪ Credit scoring With larger lenders, the assessment of credit-worthiness is becoming increasingly objective.
▪ Eleven days ago, the second largest lender, the Abbey National, stopped selling mortgage protection insurance to its existing borrowers.
▪ It was sent after bondholders complained they were not getting as much financial information as other lenders.
▪ I wonder how fast other lenders pass on reductions and why the time varies.
▪ Such defaults have forced a large number of repossessions by bankers and other lenders.
▪ Nonconformist borrowers were thrown a lifeline only five years ago when this new breed of mortgage lender was born.
▪ Shares in the mortgage lender vaulted 3 to 122.
▪ The smaller rises from the largest two mortgage lenders will deter other societies from following the Yorkshire's move.
▪ The market was given a boost by falling interest rates and growing competition by mortgage lenders.
▪ If you are having difficulty making your repayments, always seek help from your mortgage lender before matters get too out of hand.
▪ Abbey National, the second biggest mortgage lender, said claims for their cover must be made within four months.
▪ The following pages of Charts are designed to help you select a mortgage lender.
▪ The new lender will charge its legal expenses to you.
▪ At present some of the nonconforming lenders charge interest to customers who have already defaulted on loans.
▪ The lender will also charge a premium for risks, perceived by the lender, surrounding the project and the borrower.
▪ Wholesale-financed lenders, already charging 14.75 percent, will face pressure to raise their rates close to 16 percent.
▪ And also find out whether your existing lender will charge for supplying references to a potential new lender.
▪ Some lenders might also charge an arrangement fee.
▪ Within any one type of credit, individual lenders may charge quite different rates, for example.
▪ It can add to your costs considerably, so it is worth looking for the lenders who do not charge.
▪ Hashimoto said he would continue to provide information about the financial situation of the housing lenders.
▪ Nippon Housing and Daiichi Housing are the only housing lenders whose stock is publicly traded.
▪ Regional banks founded Chigin Seiho Jutaku Loan, one of the seven insolvent housing lenders.
▪ The newly appointed finance minister, Wataru Kubo, is expected to deflect opposition criticism over the housing lender bailout.
▪ The housing lenders ran up much of their debt through speculative lending in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
▪ They also tend to pay the lender a big fat fee if the borrower makes enough money to repay his loans prematurely.
▪ If an account does not pay, the lender has no recourse to the borrowing firm.
▪ They are paid by the lenders.
▪ If money is borrowed, then the person who borrows the money will have to pay interest to the lender.
▪ In return for the lenders' initiative, the Government agreed to pay lenders directly the mortgage interest for unemployed borrowers receiving income support.
▪ Despite competition from the building societies, banks are still the biggest lenders in Britain.
▪ Mexico has borrowed heavily from private banks, the World Bank, and other international lenders.
▪ Newspaper ads can be helpful in finding the lender with the most favourable interest rates.
▪ Prudential is the fourth largest mortgage lender in the US.
▪ A debt counsellor who's been helping the family says the lender has shown no compassion.
▪ But he denies that he intended to deceive lenders.
▪ Consumers were calling lenders to cancel refinancing plans, delay buying homes and seek advice on their loans.
▪ In return for the lenders' initiative, the Government agreed to pay lenders directly the mortgage interest for unemployed borrowers receiving income support.
▪ Make it compulsory or at least encourage lenders to process mortgage applications within two weeks.
▪ The ambitions of many first-timers to buy a home may be frustrated by the more cautious attitude of lenders.
▪ The average mortgage rate at lenders around the country is down from 7. 11 percent at the start of the year.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lender \Lend"er\ (-[~e]r), n. One who lends.

The borrower is servant to the lender.
--Prov. xxii. 7.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English laenere, agent noun from lænan (see lend (v.)).


n. One who lends, especially money.


n. someone who lends money or gives credit in business matters [syn: loaner] [ant: borrower]

Usage examples of "lender".

And Madame Vauthier, formerly cook to the publisher Barbet, one of the hardest lenders of money by the week, slipped along behind her two tenants so as to be able to overtake Godefroid as soon as his conversation with Monsieur Bernard came to an end.

Everything in magazine publishing hinged on the number of subscribers: advertising rates, ad linage, lender confidence.

A lot will depend on the reaction of overseas lenders and Chinas non-American trading partners.

Cyrus Curbstone starts getting these brokered deposits, he becomes a motivated lender.

Off-books deals were assembled to funnel in other money from banks and outside lenders.

Next to these came the Princess of Lucre with her sly and crafty followers - a great many of the brood of Simon Skinflint, money lenders, lawyers, userers, stewards, foresters, harlots, and some of the clergy.

This meant that, within my bracket, I could arrange any loan if I believed the client was sound and could repay principal and interest at an orderly rate: but if I judged wrong and the client went bust, the lenders lost both their money and their belief in my common sense.

He gave notes, took up ruinous obligations, dealt with usurers and all the race of lenders.

In Bogota, sovereignty remains a passionate cause among lawmakersif the overnight extradition of Lender caused an uproar, imagine the reaction to the arrival of American killer commandos.

It is, that they facilitate, between borrowers and lenders, the means of finding and treating with each other.

In guaranteeing the non-payers, the State may, indeed, increase the number of borrowers, and thus raise the rate of interest (always to the prejudice of the tax-payer), but it has no power to increase the number of lenders, and the importance of the total of the loans.

In fact, these apparently two classes, borrowers and lenders, were really one and the same class.

Prautch, examining the cases of fifty-one complaints against usurious landlords in San Ildefonso, found that "Article 8," above cited, was unknown either to lender or to borrowers, and that no attempt had ever been made to apply it in any loan on produce made by any one to any one.

Avery," said Lender, "it is usual to keep one's gold in an account at one of the countinghouses in the city, and to draw upon the funds with letters of credit.

Hartley Basset - Basset Auto Loan Company - a financier, money lender, and, perhaps, a fence.