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Lemba may refer to:

  • Lemba (grasshopper), a genus of insect in the tribe Oxyini
  • Lemba people, an African ethnic group in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa who have links to ancient Jewish communities
  • Lemba, Kinshasa, a commune in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Lembá District, a district of São Tomé Province
  • Lempa, Cyprus, village in Cyprus, also known as Lemba
  • Artur Lemba (1885–1963), an Estonian composer and piano teacher
  • Basaula Lemba (born 1965), a Congolese football player
  • Chilu Lemba (born 1975), aZambian radio and television presenter, voice over artist and musician
  • Sebastián Lemba (1520-1547), an Afro-Dominican slave rebel