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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

to engage in courtship displays of certain animals, 1871, probably from Swedish leka "to play," cognate of English dialectal verb lake (see lark (v.)).


Etymology 1 n. (context biology English) An aggregation of male animals for the purposes of courtship and display. vb. 1 (context biology English) To take part in the courtship and display behaviour of a '''lek'''. 2 (context UK dialect Yorkshire colloquial English) To play. Etymology 2

n. (senseid en currency unit)The currency unit of Albania, divided into 100 qindarkƫ.


n. the basic unit of money in Albania


Lek or LEK may refer to:

  • Lek Brazilian expression to say Moleque or imp in english
  • Lek mating, mating in a lek, a type of animal territory in which males of a species gather
  • Lek (currency), the currency of Albania
  • Lek (pharmaceutical company), now part of Sandoz, the generic drug subsidiary of Novartis
  • Lek (river), a river in the west of the Netherlands
  • De Lek, a former manorial fiefdom in the Netherlands
  • L.E.K. Consulting, international strategy consulting firm
  • Tata Airport, Guinea (by IATA code)
  • Lek, a fictional form of Cardassian currency in Star Trek
  • Lek, the family nickname of King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand
Lek (river)

The Lek is a river in the western Netherlands of some 60 km in length. It is the continuation of the Nederrijn after the Kromme Rijn branches off at the town of Wijk bij Duurstede. The main westbound waterway is hereafter called the Lek River. The Nederrijn is, itself, a distributary branch of river Rhine.

The name "Lek" is derived either from the Middle Dutch words "lake" and "leek", meaning "watercourse".

Portions of the river form the boundary between the provinces of Utrecht and Gelderland, and between Utrecht and South Holland.

In Roman times, the Nederrijn flowed into the Kromme Rijn and these streams were the main outflow of the river Rhine. When the Kromme Rijn began to silt up in the Middle Ages, the Lek became the primary branch. A short distance past Wijk bij Duurstede, the river intersects with the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal, which continues south towards the Waal. A branch of this canal, the Lekkanaal (Lek Canal) is connected to the river at the town of Nieuwegein.

Other major towns on its banks are Culemborg, Vianen, Schoonhoven, Nieuw-Lekkerland and Lekkerkerk. The bed of the river lies slightly higher than the surrounding lands and dikes are therefore essential to contain the Lek. At the village of Kinderdijk the Lek meets the Noord River and the combined stream is thereafter known as the Nieuwe Maas as it flows down towards the North Sea.

Lek (pharmaceutical company)

Lek is an international pharmaceutical company, now part of Sandoz, originally established 1946 in Slovenia.

Usage examples of "lek".

Khin Myo climbed on behind Nok Lek and sat sideways with both feet together.

Nok Lek bought food from a nearby house, curries and scented rices and salads of mashed tea wrapped in the leaves of a banana plant.

They rode all afternoon and into the evening, when they stopped in a village, and Nok Lek knocked on the door of a small house.

Nok Lek had brought a small wreath of flowers from his bag and set this on the altar.

They pitched the tent in the center of the clearing, and Nok Lek disappeared inside to arrange the bags.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Nok Lek standing in the clearing, rifle at his side.

Nok Lek pulled another from his saddle, handed it to Edgar, and tucked the pistol into his belt.

Outside, he joined Nok Lek, who sat drinking green tea with the farmer.

Nok Lek had already boarded and was trying to push them off with a pole.

The trail was soon wide enough for two ponies, and while Nok Lek again went ahead, the Doctor rode alongside the piano tuner.

Carroll handed the reins of his pony to Nok Lek and walked carefully to the edge.

While they talked, Nok Lek unpacked several baskets filled with stuffed banana leaves, which he laid out on the rocks away from the precipice, where it was dry.

Nok Lek led the piano tuner through the crowd, speaking softly to part it.

Carroll turned and said something to Nok Lek, who removed a package from the cabinet and rolled it out on the desk.

I have told Nok Lek to take her to a monk in the north who specializes in cures for such diseases.