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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
leisure centre
▪ A new hotel and leisure centre.
▪ Castlemore is still working up proposals for the final phase of the scheme, which involves building a leisure centre.
▪ Joanna suddenly wandered into the leisure centre 36 hours later.
▪ Joanna, 25, walked into the leisure centre where she works at 7am yesterday after vanishing on Tuesday.
▪ One day in November 1985, Mr and Mrs James went into their local leisure centre to use the swimming pool.
▪ To sum up, Kitzbuhel is a major year round sporting and leisure centre and as such offers every facility.
▪ Up to 20 caravans have parked close to the town's historic cathedral, and opposite the leisure centre and steam train station.
Leisure centre

A leisure centre in the UK, Ireland, Australia (also called aquatic centres) and Canada is a purpose built building or site, usually owned and operated by the city, borough council or municipal district council, where people go to keep fit or relax through using the facilities.

Usage examples of "leisure centre".

The new low building with its large picture windows looking towards the motorway and the North Downs in one direction and the estate's shopping centre in the other, huddled close to a new, ugly Catholic church and an already grimy and graffiti-bearing Leisure Centre.

The car park of the Leisure Centre ran behind the seamen's home, almost overlapping its trim grass verges like a frozen concrete sea.

Hardly daring to breathe she looked at the pictures of the swimming pool, the low white house with the flowers in the porch, the map of the area, the local newspaper, and the details of the car, shopping facilities and membership of a leisure centre and club which could be transferred to Ria while she was in residence.