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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
leftist views
▪ a leftist human rights group
▪ A utilitarian concrete block clogged with book kiosks and leftist murals, it draws its 17,000 students from six northern provinces.
▪ About another 25 percent of the voters here supported other leftist or nationalist parties.
▪ After graduation from Johns Hopkins University, Kempton followed his leftist political instincts.
▪ Congress, have portrayed her as a prisoner of conscience persecuted for her leftist views.
▪ Jacobson has solid liberal credentials, but he's not that kind of leftist.
▪ Many victims of violence have been leading agitators against corruption, as well as high-profile leftist activists.
▪ Most of its students are the provincial poor, the target audience of leftist guerrilla groups.
▪ Other beneficiaries include an international financier and fugitive, Marc Rich; a leftist radical convicted of conspiring to bomb the U.S.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

leftist \leftist\ adj. same as left-wing.

Syn: left-of-center, left-wing.


leftist \leftist\ n. a person who belongs to the political left.

Syn: socialist, collectivist, left-winger.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1897, from left (adj.) in the political sense + -ist.


a. Of or pertaining to the political left. n. A person who holds views associated with the political left.

  1. adj. believing in or supporting tenets of the political left [syn: left-of-center, left-wing]

  2. n. a person who belongs to the political left [syn: collectivist, left-winger]

Usage examples of "leftist".

Since 1981, Reagan had authorized a covert CIA operation to assist the contras in the overthrow of the leftist Nicaraguan government.

The Freedom statue erected by the Leftists was a lead image of the late Che Guevara, with a glued-on Brillo beard, aiming a Czechoslovakian machine pistol at the opposing Freedom statue erected by the Rightists: a lead simulacrum of the late J.

Stalinist, a Leftist deviationist, terroristic opportunist, dogmatist.

They had leftist leanings and ran on platforms of land reform and nationalization of Guatemalan industries.

The hard-money boom of a year earlier had swept in a Conservative majority in the off-year elections, but they had no real policy to offer, and the proposals of the minority group of Laborites and Leftists were voted down without substitutes being suggested.

An examination of the episode reveals the extent to which feminists and their political allies are willing to go to advance their proabortion, militant leftist, anti male agenda.

He organized the Nazis and sent them out to beat up leftists and Jews.

That leftists treat them in exactly the wrong way suggests that they are totally blinded to the facts by their ideology.

When you realize the family is the brick of society, you understand why the leftists hammer away at these bricks.

Their public policy consists of appeasing their worst enemies, placating their most contemptible attackers, trying to make terms with their own destroyers, pouring money into the support of leftist publications and “liberal” politicians, placing avowed collectivists in charge of their public relations and then voicing—in banquet speeches and full-page ads—socialistic protestations that selfless service to society is their only goal, and altruistic apologies for the fact that they still keep two or three percent of profit out of their multi-million-dollar enterprises.

Hollywood writers and actors and hangers-on spouting cheap trauma, Pinko platitudes and guilt over raking in big money during the Depression, then penancing the bucks out to spurious leftist causes.

He'd left Puerto Rico a day early, after the de la Hoya cousins wisely discarded their original explanation of the three hundred Chinese machine guns found in their beach house at Rincon (to wit: they'd unknowingly rented the place to a band of leftist guerrillas posing as American surfers).

The son of wartime leftist painter Okamoto Toki, Shirato started work as a kamishibai artist soon after graduating from middle school in the postwar.

Has her experience with Magaziner and the leftists who led her astray made her more suspicious of those who have all the answers?

It's entirely another thing to pass yourself off as an objective media spokesmouth and then lecture us with a leftist slant on mom and apple pie.