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Guts or ' Lef ' is a 1999 Dutch comedy film directed by Ron Termaat.

LEF (journal)

LEF ("ЛЕФ") was the journal of the Left Front of the Arts ("Левый фронт искусств""Levy Front Iskusstv"), a widely ranging association of avant-garde writers, photographers, critics and designers in the Soviet Union. It had two runs, one from 1923 to 1925 as LEF, and later from 1927 to 1929 as Novy LEF ('New LEF'). The journal's objective, as set out in one of its first issues, was to "re-examine the ideology and practices of so-called leftist art, and to abandon individualism to increase art's value for developing communism."

Usage examples of "lef".

So thick the branches and the leves grene, Beshaded all the alleys that there were, And midst of every arbour might be seen, The sharpe, grene, swete juniper, Growing so fair with branches here and there, That as it seemed to a lyf without, The boughs did spread the arbour all about.

Oppervlakkig bezien heeft ze veel lef en hersens, God hebbe haar lief, maar ze draagt vanbinnen glasscherven met zich mee.

Steevens whos a collectah ob odd tings specially if deya jonahs o jinxes hes done got his greedy eyes on de scroll of some po actah man whut went craizy and tinked his skoll was ham and eggs and lef it to somebody, and one of Mist Steevens naybors done finly git to own it.

He was also standing behind the Samothracian, behind and to the lefta posture which made Lafarge extremely uncomfortable, since it put him in a bracket.

Mayakovsky, the founder of LEF, a loose association of Futurists and Constructivists which sought to link the avant-garde with Proletkult and the Soviet state.

The waitress understood, shook her head in smiling sympathy as Avril lef t.

He says we has got to move the machine gun about fifty meters aroun to the lef of a big ole tree stickin up in the middle of the saddle, an fine a good safe place to put it so's we is not all blowed away.

It was a hour or two before we arrived, an the bus didn't have no toilet, an I had drank two Slurpees fore we lef, so when we get to Flomaton, I really got to go bad.

Behind glass hung the covers of the first numbers of prerevolutionary art magazines, such as World of Art, The Golden Fleece and Apollo, and also a cover from the post-revolutionary Lef, together with reproductions of pictures by Malevich, Larionov and Lissitsky.