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Lecsó (English Lecho, [ˈlɛʧoː] "LETCH-oh"; [ˈlɛʧoː], Czech and Slovaklečo, , , ) is a Hungarian thick vegetable ragout or stew which features green and/or red peppers and tomato, onion, salt, and ground sweet and/or hot paprika as a base recipe. The onions and peppers are usually sauteed in lard, bacon fat or sunflower oil. Garlic can also be a traditional ingredient. It is also considered to be traditional food in Czech, Slovak and Croatian cuisine and is also very common in Poland, Austria, and Israel.

Most Hungarian recipes recommend the mildest variant of Hungarian wax pepper, which are in season August–October which is also when field tomatoes are at their best. Other recipes suggest using both bell pepper and banana pepper as alternatives.