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Lecoq is a surname, and it may refer to:

  • Jacqueline Lecoq (born 1932), French designer who collaborated for many years with Antoine Philippon
  • Karl Ludwig von Lecoq (1754–1829) of French Huguenot ancestry, first joined the army of the Electorate of Saxony, later transferred his loyalty to the Kingdom of Prussia and fought Napoleonic Wars
  • Karl Christian Erdmann von Lecoq (1767–1830), a Saxon officer who rose to rank lieutenant-general during the Napoleonic Wars and was the commanding officer of the Royal Saxon army
  • Henri Lecoq (1802–1871), a French botanist
  • Maurice Lecoq (1854–1925),a French sport shooter who competed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries
  • Jacques Lecoq (1921–1999), a French actor, mime and acting instruction
  • Monsieur Lecoq, fictional character—the creation of Émile Gaboriau, a 19th-century French writer and journalist