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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Leche \Le*che"\, n. See water buck, under 3d Buck.


n. (archaic form of lechwe English)

Leche (album)

Leche is an album released by Mexican rock band Fobia. The word "Leche" means Milk in Spanish. This was their third album. Their greatest hit Miel de escorpión is still a reference song for Rock en español fans. Other hits include Los cibernoides and Plastico.


Leche (Spanish: "milk") may refer to:

  • Leche (surname)
  • Leche (album), a 1993 album by Fobia
  • Leche, a 2010 album by Gregory and the Hawk
  • Leche frita, a Spanish sweet
  • Leche (soap opera), a Colombian soap opera
Leche (surname)

Leche is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Roger Leche, (died 1416), English courtier, MP and Lord High Treasurer
  • James Leche, Welsh MP
  • Joan Leche (c. 1450 – 1530), English benefactress
  • Richard W. Leche (1898–1965), governor of Louisiana, 1936–1939

Usage examples of "leche".

Assembled is in thee magnificence With mercy, goodnesse, and with swich pitee That thou, that art the sonne of excellence, Nat oonly helpest hem that preyen thee, But oftentyme, of thy benygnytee, Ful frely, er that men thyn help biseche, Thou goost biforn, and art hir lyves leche.

Thirty minutes later, after Dorotea had eaten a flan covered with dulce de leche, a sweet, chocolatelike substance made by boiling milk for hours, she kissed Clete chastely on the cheek, and marched off with Beth and Marjorie down a corridor in the right wing of the sprawling house to her guest room.

Tyrion was toying with a leche of brawn, spiced with cinnamon, cloves, sugar, and almond milk, when King Joffrey lurched suddenly to his feet.