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Leblanc (meaning The White) is a French surname.

Leblanc (musical instrument manufacturer)

Leblanc, Inc. was a musical instrument manufacturer based in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 2004 saw the firm sold to Conn-Selmer, a division of Steinway Musical Instruments, by its chairman, president and CEO Leon Pascucci, son of one of the founding partners, Vito. Leblanc has now ceased to exist as an independent operation and has become a brand of Conn-Selmer along with their many other brands.

Leblanc (automobile manufacturer)

Leblanc is a Zürich based Swiss car manufacturer. It makes modified high-performance automobiles in very low quantities. The company is just beginning to enter the American market.

Usage examples of "leblanc".

By the time her gaze had returned to the Leblanc house, a male figure was walking out the front door, his silhouette framed in the soft glow of streetlights.

The dress had apparently been planted in her luggage yesterday afternoon, while the Mercedes was parked near the Leblanc house.

She would tell him everything, gladly place the bloody ball gown in his hands, as soon as they returned from the Leblanc house and a thorough investigation of the turret.

Chapter Six Lindsey sat beside Graham on the plush Leblanc sofa and studied her surroundings.

Katie Leblanc marched inside and led the way to a wall of mahogany bookcases laden with hardcovers.

Fortunately, somebody on the force had had enough in sight to realize the impact it might have on the Leblanc case.

Katie Leblanc had ignored police warnings and insisted on having her stupid society ball.

Katie Leblanc makes it easy, inviting everybody and their brother-in-law over for some party or another every day.

Social amenities could never be overlooked in the Leblanc household, not even in the midst of a deadly hunt.

Jerome set up that romance, got his gullible brother and Roxy together so she could talk Garon into bringing her to the Leblanc house.

Graham eased his unmarked car into a parking space at the back edge of the Leblanc property.

Rooster behind the hedge, then chances were good it was Thomas Leblanc, waiting for his chance to add one last victim to his list.

His companion was also French, Leblanc by name, but of a very different stamp.

When the Heer Marais rose, I, being an observant youth, noted that Monsieur Leblanc took the opportunity to stretch out a rather shaky hand and fill up his coffee cup out of a black bottle, which from the smell I judged to contain peach brandy.

Also, he looked upon him as a compatriot in distress, and a great bond of union between them was their mutual and virulent hatred of England and the English, which in the case of Monsieur Leblanc, who in his youth had fought at Waterloo and been acquainted with the great Emperor, was not altogether unnatural.