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Lebed means swan is several Slavic languages and may refer to:

  • Lebed River in Siberia in eastern Russia
  • Lebed, Bulgaria, a village in Kardzhali Province, Bulgaria
    • Lebed Point in Antarctica, named after Lebed, Bulgaria
  • Lebed class LCAC, A Soviet hovercraft
  • Lebed XI, a Russian military reconnaissance aircraft
  • Lebed XII, a Russian military reconnaissance aircraft
  • Lebed (surname)
Lebed (surname)

Lebed or Lebid is a gender-neutral Slavic surname that may refer to

  • Alexander Lebed (1950–2002), Russian general and politician
  • Anatoly Lebed (1963–2012), Russian military officer
  • Jonathan Lebed (born 1984), American criminal
  • Mykola Lebed (1909–1998), WWII-era Ukrainian fascist war criminal
  • Serhiy Lebid (born 1975), Ukrainian long-distance runner
  • Valeriy Lebed (born 1989), Ukrainian football midfielder