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n. (plural of leash English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: leash)

Usage examples of "leashes".

And at the end of the leashes, one on either side of the Watcher, ambled two of the savage brutes, a male and a female.

He fired, even as the two brutes jumped aside, their momentum wresting their leashes from the startled Watcher.

Their captor flicked their leashes about their ankles and dragged them off.

To him she gives the leashes of a half-dozen huge black hounds in exchange for a tiny swaddled figure, an infant girl sleeping softly as she is handed over from one grim-faced guardian to the other.

Furious, Alain spun and ran, too angry to think, too angry to do anything but jerk the stake out of the ground and pull the leashes free.

Shaking, his hands trembling so hard he could scarcely hold the leashes, he staked them back down.

He tied leashes around the necks of Rage and Sorrow and old Terror and Bliss, the four favored to sleep at night in the tower chamber with their masters.