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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Le beau monde

Monde \Monde\ (m[^o]Nd), n. [F. See Mundane.] The world; a globe as an ensign of royalty. [R.]
--A. Drummond.

Le beau monde [F.], fashionable society. See Beau monde.

Demi monde. See Demimonde.

Le beau Monde

Le beau Monde (Fashionable Society), opus 199, is a quadrille composed by Johann Strauss II, written in 1857, while Strauss was conducting a tour of Russia with his orchestra. The work exudes the authentic musical flavour of Russia, and the St. Petersburg edition of the work describes the composition as a Quadrille sur des airs Russes (Quadrilles on Russian Airs). The title of the quadrille reflects the fashion then in Russia for the French language.