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LDT may stand for:

  • Laboratory Developed Test, assays developed in the laboratory for internal use, intended for diagnostic or medical use.
  • Labordatenträger, an xDT format to transfer orders of medical laboratory tests and their results.
  • Laser Direct Testing, Beamind's technology to convert UV light from laser beams into electric current in a full non-contact way to test IC Package substrates and other complex HDI PCBs for opens and shorts
  • Lateral dorsal tegmental nucleus, a nucleus of gray matter in the tegmentum
  • Learning Design and Technology, an academic program focused on designing learning environments with emergent technologies
  • Lexical decision task, a procedure used in many psychology and psycholinguistics experiments
  • Lightning Data Transport, the old name of the HyperTransport computer bus
  • Local Descriptor Table, an element of computer hardware
  • LdT, Telbivudine (Tyzeka), a drug for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B
  • Stanford LDT program, the Learning, Design and Technology program at Stanford University
  • Light displacement ton, the weight of a ship without anything on board, used to determine the value of a ship which is to be scrapped
  • LaDainian Tomlinson, a former running back
  • Lymphocyte Doubling Time
  • LeJOS Development Toolkit, an Eclipse plug-in for developing programs for the LeJOS environment on the Lego Mindstorms systems
  • Let's Do This, A motivational statement/text-friendly acronym.
  • Lejos Del Teclado, translation into Spanish of the Internet slang three-letter acronym AFK
  • Large Diameter Tapcon