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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1973, initialism (acronym) from liquid crystal display, which is attested from 1968.

LCD (disambiguation)

LCD is a liquid-crystal display, an electronic device.

LCD may also refer to:

LCD (music act)

LCD were a computer generated dance act, active in the late 1990s. Signed to Virgin Records, their only hit single was a Europop version of the Greek song " Zorbas", entitled "Zorba's Dance". The music video to the song, made in computerised animation, featured a band of overweight men playing the song.

The single was a club hit in the UK, charting twice in the Top 40 of the UK Singles Chart, within 18 months of its original release, and was one of the first of its kind which was enabled to be played on a computer for its music video. The song was a big club hit in Australia due to its large Greek community supporting the song. The CD to the single pronounced LCD as "The world's first digital supergroup". The man behind the act was David K, a London-based record producer.

A second single "Follow The Leader" did not chart and in 2000, LCD was discontinued. The video for "Follow The Leader" shows the act's name LCD stands for "Large Cool Dudes". The video also shows the four leading men were called Zed, Ed, Ned and Ted.