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n. (plural of lb English); pounds


LBS is a three-letter abbreviation which may mean:

  • Common brand of German Landesbausparkasse, cf. German public banks.
  • Lal Bahadur Shastri, former Prime Minister of India
  • Lazy bowel syndrome, a common bowel issue.
  • Lease Buyback Scheme, a monetisation option introduced by the Singapore Government
  • Leeds Building Society, formerly the Leeds and Holbeck building society.
  • Lekki British School
  • little black sambo
  • Left Behind Spouse, used in a number of midlife crisis forms.
  • Legendary Banked Slalom, snowboard race held annually at Mt. Baker Ski Area in Washington State
  • Lexington Broadcast Services Company, defunct television production and syndication company
  • Liberia Broadcasting System, state-owned radio broadcasting network in Liberia
  • Liberty Broadcasting System, defunct radio network
  • Belgrano Sur Line (Linea Belgrano Sur), a commuter rail line in Buenos Aires
  • Liverpool Business School
  • Lotus Business School, a B-School in India affiliated with Pune University
  • Load Balancing System, distributed processing system by Cadence Design Systems
  • Local bike shop, small bicycle service shop
  • Location-based service, mobile feature utilizing location information, such as GPS
  • London Business School, college of the University of London
  • Lauder Business School, Fachhochschule in Vienna, Austria
  • Hypoglycemia, medical term for low blood sugar
  • Louise Brooks Society, fan club for the silent-film star

Usage examples of "lbs".

It consisted of a metal wand, wire, and a case with 20 lbs of batteries and a micro ammeter that was useless in the middle of a herd in the dark.

It had to rise 100 feet to the trap door in the shed on the tower platform, a long way to lift 5,000 Ibs of steel and explosive and 11 lbs of plutonium.

Joe held on to the platform hoist and remembered what Jaworski had said about the 5,000 lbs of high explosive in the shed, but the lightning blew nothing except the target light on the first landing of the tower.