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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lazar \La"zar\, n. [OF. lazare, fr. Lazarus the beggar. Luke xvi. 20.] A person infected with a filthy or pestilential disease; a leper.

Like loathsome lazars, by the hedges lay.

Lazar house a lazaretto; also, a hospital for quarantine.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"filthy beggar, leper," c.1300, from Medieval Latin lazarus "leper," from the Biblical name (see Lazarus).


n. (context archaic English) A sufferer of an infectious disease, especially leprosy.


n. a person afflicted with leprosy [syn: leper]

Lazar (name)

Lazar ( Russian Ла́зарь; Serbian, Bulgarian and Macedonian Лазар, Lazar) or Llazar is a male given name or a surname. This abbreviated form of Lazarus is especially common in various Slavic languages. It's also used in Albanian, Hungarian and Romanian. The name is derived from the Hebrew name אֶלְעָזָר (Elʿazar, or Eleazar), meaning "God has helped".


Lazar may refer to:

  • Lazar (name), any of various persons with this name
  • Lazar of Serbia; Prince Lazar Hrebeljanović (1329–1389)
  • Lazar BVT, Serbian mine resistant, ambush-protected, armoured vehicle.
  • Lazar 2, Serbian armored vehicle.

Usage examples of "lazar".

The crowd erupted into applause at the same time, which brought Lazar up, alert and then dumbfounded as he too stared at the stage.

Vasili and Lazar would be waiting, and would realize that he had changed his mind about the girl.

She twisted her head toward the door and flamed scarlet, seeing Lazar filling that open space now.

The one who had introduced himself as Lazar Dimitrieff was there instead, standing with his back to her door.

Stefan sat on one side of her, and Lazar, who sat on the other, burst into laughter.

And Serge and Vasili did go first, with Lazar behind them and Stefan behind Tanya, so he had to go over first.

And even before Tanya heard him hit the water, she had turned and was tripping into Lazar with an added little shove to the right, which sent him over the opposite side of the ramp from Stefan.

Come to think of it, Lazar was the only one among them who had introduced himself fully to her.

Vasili and Lazar went back inside, while Serge gave Tanya no choice but to return to her cabin.

He probably was, since Lazar and Serge escorted her down to the coach, and only they got into it with her.

He would grouchingly criticize Vasili, sometimes Lazar, and once even the usually quiet Serge, and in their presence no less, but he never had a condemning word for Tanya.

Serge or Lazar, or both, to keep her company in his stead, while he rode with Vasili and the guards outside.

Whether she was in too deep to ever get out Most people who got involved with Lazar soon found they were in over their heads.

Watching her writhe in bed with Lazar had left him unmoved, even a little repulsed.

He forced himself to run over his reason for existence: to watch that treacherous bastard Lazar until he made contact with Novak.