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Crossword clues for layin


n. (alternative form of lay-in English)

Usage examples of "layin".

It was early mornin, with the first sun layin across the floor in a stripe.

I dunno how long after the night I just told you about this would have been, but I know it was after because I remember layin there with my kidneys throbbin and thinkin I'd get up pretty soon and take some aspirin to quiet them down.

He was layin there naked, and I knew the very first place I was gonna go for if he did try.

Joe was layin at the bottom, his head cocked over on one shoulder, his hands in his lap, and his legs splayed out.

He was layin there just the same as he had been, with his hands in his lap n his head cocked to one side.

Joe was still layin there with his hands in his lap and his head cocked over on one shoulder.