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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The layette also consists of three nightdresses, three vests, three petticoats and two day dresses.
▪ They must think about a layette.
▪ This marks the onset of the layette season. 24 January-30 April Nothing happens.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Layette \Lay*ette"\, n. [F.] (Med.) The outfit of clothing, blankets, etc., prepared for a newborn infant, and placed ready for use.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"baby's outfit," 1839, from French layette, properly the box in which it comes, subsequently transferred to the linen, from Middle French layette "chest of drawers," from laie "drawer, box," from Middle Dutch laeye, related to lade, load (v.).


n. 1 A complete set of clothing, bedding and toilet articles for a new baby. 2 An ERO (equipment repair order) parts bin in the United States Marine Corps, when discussing maintenance management and repair parts management. When conducting maintenance on a piece of equipment, or vehicle, parts are ordered. When parts come in they are placed into the bins until all the parts arrive, and then they are signed for by a mechanic and applied to the equipment, or vehicle.


n. kit consisting of a complete outfit (clothing and accessories) for a new baby


A layette is a collection of clothing for a newborn child. The term "layette set" is commonly used in the United States to refer to gift sets of baby clothes.

Traditionally, women would hand- sew their baby's clothes during their pregnancy. Today "layette" is often used to identify a baby clothing section of a store. The term can also be used for bedding, accessories, and baby care items.

Usage examples of "layette".

Her activities were limited now to housework and needlepoint as she eagerly prepared a layette for the child she expected in early August.

The two of them were toting flowers, and an elaborate layette, all fancy crocheting and white satin bows.

She took an intense interest in the layette that Isabella was assembling.

It was stripped of sheets and pillows and blankets, that exquisite layette that Michael had sent her from home.

Now she was set with the task of cutting down her slips and gowns to make a layette and needlework had always tried her patience.

Episcopal Church had provided her with a crib, a changing table, and a dozen drawstring layette saques.

The changing table was well supplied with newborn disposable diapers, baby shampoos and other layette supplies.

Within four walls you can buy camping gear and berets, batteries and yard goods, postcards and layettes, some slightly damaged or soiled, all at amazing discounts.

As I was finishing with the layettes he came in, reaching for me, falling on me.

American Relief Committee the story of this work, and Geoffrey Dodge sent thirty complete layettes, bran-new, four big cases, four gunny-sack bags, full of clothing for men, women, and children, special brands of milk for young mothers in our maternity hospital.

Now she was set with the task of cutting down her slips and gowns to make a layette and needlework had always tried her patience.