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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lave \Lave\ (l[=a]v), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Laved (l[=a]vd); p. pr. & vb. n. Laving.] [F. laver, L. lavare, akin to luere to wash, Gr. ?. Cf. Ablution, Deluge, Lavender, Lava, Lotion.] To wash; to bathe; as, to lave a bruise.

His feet the foremost breakers lave.


vb. (en-past of: lave)

Usage examples of "laved".

His fingers skimmed along her sides, brushing back and forth, up and down as his mouth once more laved her breasts.

Her tongue laved the area just under the hooded edge of the head and she felt him jerk.

Her tongue swiped, her mouth sucked at the wound, the glands at the side of her tongue pulsing, releasing their moisture as her saliva was laved over the primitive scratches.

He licked at the mark there, drew it into his mouth, laved it roughly.

It annoyed her that he merely laved her down gently, working from shoulder to buttocks to ankles with no change of expression.

She stood under the jets, as hot as the spray would come, then laved herself until her skin was raw.

He laved his tongue in a hot, wet trail down the crevice between her breasts, moving his hands up from her hips to squeeze and knead them.

Instinctively she knew he did it to brand her, and eased when he laved the pain away with his tongue.

Licked and laved her from throat to nipple, bathing her with his mouth.

He laved the little bruise with his tongue, never letting up on the rhythm of their hard ride.

When I had finished, I went down to the river's edge and laved my hands and arms and splashed water up onto my face.

But I was also on my way to the river where he had laved his hands in raw Skill.

They had used the pillar to get down to the city, and there they had laved Kettle's arms in the stuff and renewed the power in Verity's.

When I had finished, I went down to the river’s edge and laved, my hands and arms and splashed water up onto my face.

He laved his bands and arms in a magic river, and walked away laden with power.