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n. (plural of lava English)


Lavas may refer to

  • Lava
  • Lavaş cheese produced in Turkey
  • Manne Lavås (born 1944), Swedish speed skater

Usage examples of "lavas".

The forest around Lavas Castle boasted a herd of aurochs and the occasional chance-met unicorn, swiftly seen and as swiftly gone, and there were always wolves, but the great predators that plagued humankind in the old legends, the swamp-born guivres, the dragons of the north, the griffins that flew in the grasslands, did not wander the northern forests and in truth were scarcely ever seen and commonly believed to be nothing more than stories made up to scare children.

Geoffrey of Lavas reached us, and it broke my heart to hear the lad speak.

A younger son, called Hugo, betrothed at the age of four to the infant daughter and only child of the Count of Lavas, called Lavastina.

She would have spent all night telling the particulars of the strange behavior of Lord Alain and the Lavas hounds and the victory of Geoffrey and his kinsfolk, but it was late, and there was much to do in the morning when, Rosvita supposed, Henry would at long last announce his intention to return to Wendar before snow closed off the mountain passes.

Count Lavastine sat behind a table, attended by Chatelaine Dhuoda, Lord Geoffrey, Frater Agius, and the captain of the Lavas guard.

From the stockade he could see the road that wound down the valley to Lavas town and the church.

Most everyone in Lavas Holding now treated Alain with a skittish deference tinged with disgust, like a man who is afraid to spit on a leprous beggar lest he turn out to be a saint in disguise.

The full story Alain had never heard, since no person in Lavas Holding would speak of it.

Alain felt transported back to the days of lessons with the frater at Lavas Holding.