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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Laval is the name of several places and people:

Laval (electoral district)

Laval was a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1867 to 1917, 1949 to 1979, and from 2004 to 2015.

Laval (Mayenne)
  1. Redirect Laval, Mayenne
Laval (provincial electoral district)

Laval was a former provincial electoral district in the province of Quebec, Canada. It was located in the Laval region north of Montreal, but for some of its history it also included parts of Montreal itself.

It was created for the 1867 election (and an electoral district of that name existed earlier in the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada). Its final election was in 1976. It disappeared in the 1981 election and its successor electoral districts were Fabre and Chomedey.

Laval (surname)

Laval is a French surname that may refer to

  • Anne Gilbert de Laval (1762–1810), French general of the Napoleonic Wars
  • Billy Laval (1885–1957), American minor league baseball player, baseball manager, and college baseball, football, and basketball coach
  • Erik de Laval (1888–1973), Swedish modern pentathlete
  • François de Laval (1623–1708), the first bishop of Quebec City
  • Georg de Laval (1883–1970), Swedish modern pentathlete, brother of Erik and Patrik
  • Gustav de Laval (1845–1913), Swedish engineer
  • Jacques-Désiré Laval (1803–1864), French Roman Catholic priest and missionary
  • John Laval (1854–1937), French-born Catholic bishop in the United States
  • Patrik de Laval (1886–1974), Swedish modern pentathlete, brother of Erik and Georg
  • Pierre Laval (1883–1945), prime minister of France at various times

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Usage examples of "laval".

To the west rose the laval peak of Ancon Hill, sitting above the blend of modern and Spanish colonial buildings, above the busy new roads and the ancient maze of alleys and bazaars, above the living pot-pourri of Mestizos and Negroes, Chinese, Hindus and Europeans.

There were other faces, as well, which had been scarcely known to her until now but which she knew belonged to the greatest names of France: Choiseul-Gouffier, Jaucourt, La Marck, Laval, Montmorency, La Tour du Pin, Baufremont, Coigny, all those whom she had met in the rue de Varennes when she was merely a humble companion to the Princess Benevento.

North chapter in suburban Laval continues the tradition of mindless, gratuitous violence practiced by outlaw motorcycle gangs in rural Quebec.

Laval and Co. have accepted can only be purchased by deliberately wiping out the national culture.

Laval had been actively intending to use her in a very nonmachine way.

And he built up speed again, the headlights slashing the night and showing outcrops of red rock, great laval heaps of it.

De Rais changed his mode of living and interested his cousins, Guy and Andre de Laval, the Duke D’Alencon and Dunois, known as the Bastard, Commander at Orleans, in her cause.

We cannot leave them in their temporary sojourn at Laval, as though a residence there was the goal of their wishes, the end of their struggle, the natural and appropriate term of their story.

From a kind of caddy on the back of the machine, Laval seized up a cutting torch.

Five drill shafts on the west side of the laval channel (see map 1) encountered the collapsed remains of a thermal spring, which contained ice and pockets of liquid water in the ml.