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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Laura \Lau"ra\, n. [LL., fr. Gr. (?) lane, defile, also, a kind of monastery.] (R. C. Ch.) A number of hermitages or cells in the same neighborhood occupied by anchorites who were under the same superior.
--C. Kingsley.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fem. proper name, from Italian, probably originally a pet form of Laurentia, fem. of Laurentius (see Laurence). Among the top 20 names for girls born in U.S. between 1963 and 1979.


alt. 1 (context historical Roman Catholic Church English) A number of hermitages or cells in the same neighborhood occupied by anchorites who were under the same superior 2 (context historical Eastern Orthodox Church English) A cluster of cells or caves for hermits, with a church and sometimes a refectory at the centre. n. 1 (context historical Roman Catholic Church English) A number of hermitages or cells in the same neighborhood occupied by anchorites who were under the same superior 2 (context historical Eastern Orthodox Church English) A cluster of cells or caves for hermits, with a church and sometimes a refectory at the centre.

Laura, OH -- U.S. village in Ohio
Population (2000): 487
Housing Units (2000): 182
Land area (2000): 0.284039 sq. miles (0.735658 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 0.284039 sq. miles (0.735658 sq. km)
FIPS code: 42028
Located within: Ohio (OH), FIPS 39
Location: 39.994064 N, 84.407894 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 45337
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Laura, OH
Laura (1944 film)

Laura is a 1944 American film noir produced and directed by Otto Preminger. It stars Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews and Clifton Webb along with Vincent Price and Judith Anderson. The screenplay by Jay Dratler, Samuel Hoffenstein and Betty Reinhardt is based on the 1943 novel Laura by Vera Caspary.

In 1999, Laura was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". AFI named it one of the 10 best mystery films of all time, and it also appears on Roger Ebert's "Great Movies" series.

Laura (film)
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Laura (Menudo album)

Laura is the second Spanish album by Menudo, released in 1978. It features the original members: brothers Nefty and Fernando Sallaberry and brothers Carlos, Óscar, and Ricky Meléndez.

Laura (Giorgione)

Laura, formerly sometimes known as Portrait of a Young Bride, is a painting by the Italian Renaissance master Giorgione, c. 1506. It hangs in the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria.

The portrait depicts a young woman as a bride; most probably her name was Laura. Like Giorgione's other works, it is unsigned, but it is one of the less controversial attributions to Giorgione. An inscription on the reverse, accepted as early 16th-century, identifies Giorgione as the painter and provides the date, making this the only work by the artist bearing a reliable date. Behind the young woman is a branch of laurel (Laurus), symbol of chastity, and carrying the nuptial veil. The gesture of opening the fur mantle uncovers the bosom. This may indicate fecundity (and, therefore, maternity) as an offer of love and a marriage blessed with children. As the laurel symbolized virtue, so the visible breast could symbolize the bride's conjugal fidelity. It is only from the prudish perspective of the 19th or early 20th century that the baring of a breast would be viewed as meretricious. In the 16th century, nudity did not provoke disapproval, but was shown publicly and uninhibitedly. This painting, too, was publicly shown, probably by a proud noble who wished to celebrate his bride's attractiveness - her full build was entirely in keeping with contemporary Venetian ideals of beauty - as well as her virtue and chastity. The laurel was considered a symbol of virtue, as seen in Lorenzo de' Medici's "impresa", where it was accompanied by the motto: "Ita ut virtus". The veil wound about her shoulders and upper body is a bridal veil, and her bared right breast alludes to the proverbial chastity of the Amazons, who, according to antique legend, tolerated men only as a means of sexual reproduction, not, however, as a means of sexual gratification. Since contemporary morality permitted sexual reproduction only within the institution of marriage, the allusion to the Amazons implied a wife's commitment to conjugal fidelity.

Alternatively, the figure might show a courtesan—certainly many of the paintings in the Venetian tradition the Laura inspired were of figures to be read as courtesans, often posing as a mythological figure or the personification of an abstract quality.

This work marked Giorgione's abandonment of Giovanni Bellini's models to embrace a Leonardesque style.

Laura (Scissor Sisters song)

"Laura" is a song by American glam rock band Scissor Sisters and is the lead track on their self-titled debut album (see 2004 in music). It was released as the band's first single in October 2003 in the UK, placing at #54 in the UK Singles Chart (see 2003 in British music). It was later re-issued on June 7, 2004, charting at #12 in the same chart (see 2004 in British music).

In Australia, the song was ranked #58 on Triple J's Hottest 100 of 2004.

Laura (1979 film)

Laura: Shadows of a Summer or is a 1979 French romantic drama film directed by photographer David Hamilton. Hamilton Himself made a cameo appearance in the film. It stars a then sixteen-year-old Dawn Dunlap as the title character.


Laura may refer to:

Laura (band)

Laura is a post-rock band from Melbourne, Australia.

Laura (1945 song)

"Laura" is a 1945 popular song. The music was composed by David Raksin for the 1944 movie Laura starring Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews, and is heard frequently in the movie. The lyrics were written by Johnny Mercer after the film had made the tune popular. According to Mercer, he had not yet seen the movie when he wrote the lyrics, but was aware that it was a romantic, somewhat haunting story.

The song has become a jazz standard, with more than 400 known recordings. Some of the best-known versions are by Woody Herman, Dave Brubeck, Johnny Johnston, Emil Newman, David Rose, Billy Eckstine, Charlie Parker, J. J. Johnson, Carly Simon, Frank Sinatra and Julie London (included on her 1955 debut album Julie Is Her Name, Vol. 1). The first 10 notes of the song are sometimes "quoted" during jazz solos, especially since Dizzy Gillespie did it during his "Perdido" solo at the famous Massey Hall concert in 1953.

Laura (novel)

Laura (1942, 1943) is a detective novel by Vera Caspary. It is her best known work, and was adapted into a popular film in 1944, with Gene Tierney in the title role.

Laura (Laura Pausini album)

Laura is the second studio album by Italian singer Laura Pausini, released by CGD Records in 1994. It has sold three million copies in the world.

Laura (clothing retailer)

Laura is a Canadian women’s wear boutique chain founded in 1930 by Laura Wolstein, the first Laura store was located on St. Hubert Street, Montreal and later moved to Verdun Avenue in Verdun, a suburb of Montreal.

Laura Canada remained a one-store operation until 1973 when Kalman Fisher, grandson of Laura Wolstein, and now President of Laura Canada, opened a second store in a small shopping centre in the Montreal suburb of St. Laurent. A third store was opened in Place Vertu in 1975, followed by another in les Galeries d'Anjou in 1976.

Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)

"Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)" is a song co-written and recorded by American country music singer Leon Ashley. Recorded in 1967 and released on his own Ashley Records label, the song was his only No. 1 single that September. Frankie Laine and Brook Benton took cover versions to the pop and Adult Contemporary charts that year, while Claude King, Marty Robbins and Kenny Rogers charted their own versions on the country charts.

Laura (given name)

Laura is a female given name in Latin, Western Europe and North America whose meaning (" Bay Laurel") translates to victor, and an early hypocorism from Laurel and Lauren.

Laura (potato)

'Laura' is a midseason-ripening, firm-fleshed, edible potato. The 'Laura' is red-skinned with a rich potato-yellow flesh color and an oval shape. It was first recognised in 1998 in Austria. The eyes' depth is between flat and very flat.

The potato is robustly resistant to damage and is highly resistant to scab, leafroll virus and potato viruses A and Y. However, it is susceptible to potato wart and cyst nematodes.

Some authorities advise against the use of the herbicide containing metribuzine at any stage.

Laura (Bat for Lashes song)

"Laura" is a song by English recording artist Bat for Lashes for her third studio album The Haunted Man (2012). It was written by Natasha Khan and British songwriter Justin Parker. It received positive reactions from fans when Khan played it at a string of European festival dates. The song received its radio debut on 22 July 2012 on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show as "Hottest Record in the World" and was made available as an instant download to people who pre-ordered the album on iTunes.

Laura (Capaccio)

Laura is a southern Italian village and hamlet ( frazione) of Capaccio, a municipality in the province of Salerno, Campania. As of 2001 its population was of 1,301.

Laura (Billy Joel song)

"Laura" is a song written by Billy Joel that was first released on his 1982 album The Nylon Curtain.

Laura (TV series)

Laura (also known as Laura en América, Laura sin censura, Laura de todos, and Laura en acción) is a Peruvian talk show, hosted by lawyer Laura Bozzo.

The show originated as Laura en América ("Laura in America") and first aired on America TV in February 1998. Bozzo had previously done a similar program called ''Intimidades ''("Intimacies") in 1997. Laura is known for displaying various social problems such as domestic violence, adultery, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Laura en América was the most-watched program in Peru in the late 1990s and one of the most tuned-in talk show in several Latin American countries. The talk show stopped broadcasting in 2001, after the Alberto Fujimori controversy, which involved Bozzo. In the following years, Bozzo continued to record different programs with the same format, but were only transmitted abroad for the Telemundo International chain or cable television. Bozzo had planned to return to Peruvian television through Panamericana Television in 2007, but the project was canceled due to differences between her and her producers. She then returned for a short time at the Peruvian channel ATV, with a program of the same format called Laura en acción ("Laura in action"), which was cancelled due to several complaints.

Usage examples of "laura".

The Slocum syndicate had just broken ground for a luxury development in the opposite direction on acreage safely within Magnolia city limits, Laura acknowledged.

Fear of Amir Bedawi returning and her being unable to resist him, made Laura keep her misery to herself.

Laura clung to the pillows as Amir Bedawi leaned over her and soothingly stroked her head.

When she finally returned to sleep, Laura Madeline was very, glad Amir Bedawi had completely forgotten her.

Laura felt cheated, for here came Amir Bedawi, at last, and she had no sun to provide her eyes the feast they had waited for all day.

Laura could neither stop the beating, nor get it across to Masri that Amir was in danger.

Dole, Gingrich, Armey, Daschle, and Gephardt were there, as were Al Gore, Leon Panetta, Bob Rubin, Laura Tyson, and other members of our team.

If Arra was right and the next opening of the gate would release more shadows into the world, Lee needed to be as far from the gate as possible-not standing underneath it chatting to the boom operator while Peter went over the reactions he wanted with Laura.

Laura Bridgman, will invariably understand only a small part of the vocabulary of their language, and will not articulate correctly.

Griffen, the eminent industrialist, and niece of noted authoress Laura Chase, was found dead in her Church St.

Named in honour of famed local authoress Laura Chase, the first Prize will be presented at Graduation in June.

As I was going Laura asked me to take her back in my gondola, and as we had to pass by the house in which she lived she begged me to come in for a moment, and I could not hurt her feelings by refusing.

It disturbed Laura to see the faint bickering that occurred these days between Rhoda and Seth over trifles that normally both would have ignored.

Christine Marshall, Clint and Lori Smith, Kevin and Laura Smith, Jim and Paula Huffinan, Harper and Connie Wren, Jim and Debbie Riordan, Steve and Donna Blinn, Tony and Janey Marzulli, Carrie Rudiselle, Barry and Terry Santavy, Nate and Shirley Lyndsay, Manolo and Virginia Lopez, Fin and Adrian Johnston, Kelly and Kathy Higgins, Brian and Suzy Neuman, David and Terri Schaal, Seth and Karen Semkin, Andy Flamard and special thanks to my manager Kathy Horn!

They had looked upon the wine when it was red, and were so beerily bonhomous that Kitty confided to Laura that she was not at all certain whether it would be justifiable to allow them to take the stage.