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Lau or LAU may refer to:

  • Lau Chan, fictional character in video game Virtua Fighter Series
  • Lau (band), a British folk music group
  • Lambda Alpha Upsilon, a Greek letter intercollegiate fraternity
  • Lebanese American University, a university in Lebanon
  • Local administrative unit, a low level administrative division of a country, ranked below a province, region, or state
  • Lẩu, Vietnamese Hot pot
  • Lauinger Library, the main library at Georgetown University, which is commonly known as "Lau"
Lau (Fijian Communal Constituency, Fiji)

Lau Fijian Provincial Communal is a former electoral division of Fiji, one of 23 communal constituencies reserved for indigenous Fijians. Established by the 1997 Constitution, it came into being in 1999 and was used for the parliamentary elections of 1999, 2001, and 2006. (Of the remaining 48 seats, 23 were reserved for other ethnic communities and 25, called Open Constituencies, were elected by universal suffrage). The electorate covered the Lau Islands archipelago and was coextensive with Lau Province.

The 2013 Constitution promulgated by the Military-backed interim government abolished all constituencies and established a form of proportional representation, with the entire country voting as a single electorate.

Lau (band)

Lau is a British folk band from both Scotland and England, formed in 2005. Named after an Orcadian word meaning "natural light", the band is composed of Kris Drever (guitar, vocals), Martin Green (accordion, piano, electronics) and Aidan O'Rourke (fiddle). To date, the band has released four studio albums and a live album.

Lau (surname)

Lau is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andy Lau (born 1961), Hong Kong singer and actor
  • Amber Liu (singer) (born 1992), Chinese singer in South Korean girl group f(x)
  • Andrew Lau (born 1960), Hong Kong director and producer
  • Charlie Lau (1933–1984), American catcher and hitting coach in Major League Baseball
  • Christel Lau (born 1944), German field hockey player
  • Evelyn Lau (born 1971), Canadian writer
  • Gordon Lau (1941–1998), American politician
  • Hans E. Lau (1879–1918), Danish astronomer
  • Hawick Lau - Hong Kong actor
  • Helmut Lau - Hindenburg helmsman and survivor
  • Henry Lau (born 1989), Chinese singer in South Korean subgroup Super Junior-M
  • Jean Marie du Lau (1738–1792), Archbishop of Arles, killed during the French Revolution
  • Kristal Lau, British actress known for playing Hayley in The Story of Tracy Beaker
  • Laurence Lau (born 1954), American actor
  • Sean Lau (born 1964), Hong Kong actor
  • Susanna Lau, aka "Susie Bubble," British fashion blogger and journalist
  • Wallace Lau, Malaysian IT Entrepreneur
  • Wesley Lau (born 1921), American film and television actor
  • Yisrael Meir Lau (born 1937), former Orthodox Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel
Lau (crater)

Lau Crater is an impact crater in the Mare Australe quadrangle of Mars, located at 74.4°S latitude and 107.8°W longitude. It is 104.9  km in diameter and was named after Hans E. Lau, and the name was approved in 1973 by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN).

The curved ridges observed on the crater floor are believed to be eskers, which form when streams run under a glacier. These eskers would indicate a large, thick sheet of ice once covered this region.

Usage examples of "lau".

When Amsel was baptized and the birds gave the first sign, Hedwig Lau had still been swimming in amniotic fluid.

After Lauren was set up for her treatment, Alan used a pay phone in a hallway near the ER to return a call to Cozier Maitlin.

If Lauren did not possess the sodopathic skills necessary to befuddle Demain Jones, Adrienne was an entirely different breed of adversary.

If Lauren did not possess the sociopathic skills necessary to befuddle Demain Jones, Adrienne was an entirely different breed of adversary.

Sam and Lauren, in one of the wicker chairs, kicked off her espadrilles and curled her tanned, bare legs under her like a child.

If Andrea and Lauren had been walking home together, they would have tried to count the geese before the V-shaped flock flew out of sight.

Ralph Lauren: a summer-weight cardigan, tailored blouse, pencil skirt, and pearls, all set off with lavender stilettos that had a girly bow across the vamp.

He suddenly found himself missing Nick very much, and hating Harold Lauder more than he ever had before.

Lauren said huskily, joining him, but still off balance after her encounter with Sam Hardy.

Lauren was very careful not to overdo her sunbathing, kept her skin oiled while she was lying on her lounger on deck, and sheltered under a large sunshade when the sun was at its height, so that by the end of the first week she had a pale golden tan which looked wonderful against her sun-bleached blonde hair and slanting green eyes.

Lauren dropped her white to welling robe on to the back of a lounger and walked to the tiled edge of the pool.

Lauren was being deliberately obtuse, she just thought it was impossible to comprehend exactly what Rhys had done.

Ralph Lauren silk suit, Gucci soft leather shoes, and a hand-painted Pavone tie hanging from a perfect knot over a starched white shirt, slowly walked past the long line of tourists as he made his way to the Boulevard de la Madeleine.

Perpetua sta invece rifocillandosi a lauta mensa e si prepara a delizioso riposo, di vivande ripieno e di vini prelibati.

Many and eternal thanks to my editor, Lauren McKenna, who has played the most amazing of faery godmothers to this story since the moment of its conception with her insight, creativity, and patience, and to my agent, Timothy Seldes, whose kind support and brilliant judgment are gifts I will always cherish and pray I will never lose.