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LATAM (disambiguation)

LATAM may refer to:

  • Latin America, as a portmanteau
  • LATAM (airline), the new airline brand created by the merger of LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines and its subsidiaries
  • LATAM Airlines Group, the airline holding created by a merger of LAN Airlines and TAM Airlines
  • LATAM Challenge Series, a race series based in Mexico
LATAM (airline)

LATAM is the new brand resulting from the joining of two South American airlines, LAN, TAM and their respective subsidiaries. With its head office in Santiago Chile, the airline operates passenger flights out of South America, Central America, North America and the Caribbean, Europe and Oceania with a total of 135 destinations in 23 countries. Its cargo business provides freight services to over 144 destinations in 26 countries. Regarding traffic and coverage, it’s the largest airline in South America.

The new brand was announced on 6 August 2015 and was the result of an important merger and subsequent process integration and validation, flight connection optimization, restructuring and fleet modernization.

LATAM employs a staff of approximately 53 thousand and owns a fleet of 312, not including ordered and as yet undelivered planes.