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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lat \Lat\ (l[a^]t), v. t. To let; to allow. [Obs.]


n. A Latvian coin and national monetary unit

  1. n. a broad flat muscle on either side of the back [syn: latisimus dorsi]

  2. [also: latu (pl), lati (pl)]


Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid ( Jawi: محمد نور خالد), more commonly known as Lat, (born 5 March 1951) is a Malaysian cartoonist. Winner of the Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize in 2002, Lat has published more than 20 volumes of cartoons since he was 13 years old. His works mostly illustrate Malaysia's social and political scenes, portraying them in a comedic light without bias. Lat's best known work is The Kampung Boy (1979), which is published in several countries across the world. In 1994, the Sultan of Perak bestowed the honorific title of datuk on Lat, in recognition of the cartoonist's work in helping to promote social harmony and understanding through his cartoons.

Born in a village, Lat spent his youth in the countryside before moving to the city at the age of 11. While in school, he supplemented his family's income by contributing cartoon strips to newspapers and magazines. He was 13 years old when he achieved his first published comic book, Tiga Sekawan (Three Friends Catch a Thief). After failing to attain the grades that were required to continue education beyond high school, Lat became a newspaper reporter. In 1974, he switched careers to be an editorial cartoonist. His works, reflecting his view about Malaysian life and the world, are staple features in national newspapers such as New Straits Times and Berita Minggu. He adapted his life experiences and published them as his autobiographies, The Kampung Boy and Town Boy, telling stories of rural and urban life with subtle comparisons between the two.

Lat's style has been described as reflective of his early influences, The Beano and The Dandy. He has, however, come into his own way of illustration, drawing the common man on the streets with bold strokes in pen and ink. A trademark of his Malay characters is their three-loop noses. Lat paid attention to family life and children because of his idolisation of Raja Hamzah, a senior cartoonist who was also popular in the 1960s with his comics about swashbuckling heroes. Rejabhad, a well-respected cartoonist, was Lat's mentor, and imbued the junior cartoonist with a preference to be sensitive to the subjects of his works. Lat's attention to details gained him popularity, endearing his works to the masses who find them believable and unbiased.

Aside from writing and publishing cartoons, Lat has ventured into the fields of animation, merchandising, and theme parks with his creations. His name and works are recognised internationally; foreign cartoonists, such as Matt Groening and Sergio Aragonés, admire his art, and foreign governments invite Lat to tour their countries, hoping to gain greater exposure for their countries through Lat's cartoons of his experiences in them. After 27 years of living and working in Kuala Lumpur, Lat moved back to Ipoh for a more sedate lifestyle in semi-retirement.

Lat (disambiguation)

Lat is a Malaysian cartoonist.

Lat or LAT may also refer to:

  • Lat, Fuman, village in Gilan Province, Iran
  • Lat, Rasht, village in Gilan Province, Iran
  • Lat, Mazandaran, village in Iran
  • Lat-e Disar, village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
  • Lat, Qazvin, village in Iran
  • Los Angeles Times, American newspaper
  • LAT Photographic, a motoring photo agency
  • LAT TV, American Spanish-language TV network
  • Latissimus dorsi muscle, a muscle on the back trunk of the upper body
  • Linker of Activated T cells, an adaptor molecule
  • Latitude
  • LAT1 large neutral amino acid transporter
  • Blatta lateralis, a species of cockroach
  • Local Area Transport, a non-routable networking technology
  • Lam Tin Station's MTR station code
  • Large Area Telescope, an instrument aboard Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
People with the surname
  • David Lat (born 1975), American lawyer and blogger
  • Latvia's IOC country code
  • Latvian lat, the former currency of Latvia
  • Living apart together, a term for couples who reside separately
  • Lowest astronomical tide, a common chart datum

Usage examples of "lat".

According to the hypsometer and our aneroid barometer we were at a height of 11,075 feet -- this was in lat.

Hassel and the Vapour-bath 330 Midwinter Day, June, 1911 362 Our Ski-binding in its Final Form 364 At Work on Personal Outfit 364 Trying on Patent Goggles 368 Hassel in the Oil-store 368 Deep in Thought 372 Funcho 372 The Loaded Sledges in the Clothing Store 374 Sledges Ready for Use Being Hauled Out of the Store-room 374 At the Depot in Lat.

Ao cabo, pode ser que tudo fosse um sonho, nada mais natural a um ex-seminarista que ouvir por toda a parte latim e Escritura.

I found the house in which Nalte lived in the yorgan section of a quiet street not far from the Korgan Lat.

Here are the factories and the shops in the district included between the Avenue of Gates and the Yorgan Lat.

We dined in a little public garden on the roof of a building at the corner of Yorgan Lat and Havatoo Lat, just inside the river wall.

They were sweating, these bodybuilt young men, and the mighty LumeNex lights brought out their traps, lats, delts, pecs, abs, and obliques in glossy high definition, especially when it came to the black players.

It was an awesome look, an intimidating look, the look of not only Jordan but also one of those wrestlers who has built himself up into a brute of sheer muscle and testosteronethe shaved head, the powerful neck, the bulging shrink-wrapped traps, delts, pecs, lats, and the rest of it.

His tight T-shirt was more like a film than a fabric, and his mighty pecs, delts, traps, lats seemed to pump up before your very eyes.

Under the tortured Lycra-blend orange fabric, the topography of monstrous lats, delts, abs and pecs was clearly visible.

Imagine doing a fast cycle of chest press, biceps curl, shoulder press, lat pulldown, while simultaneously alternating leg press and thigh curl, with a troll drill instructor forcing your limbs into the right motion, then leaving you to deal with the weights yourself.

I was doing a sixty-pound lat pulldown one-handed and chatting away as casually as if I were pulling down a window blind.

The daughter, lat girl unwisely encased in Lycra leggings, explained in an gonistic way that this work was easy money, that it was to find women to recruit.

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Or again we may compare the productions of South America south of lat.