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last minute

a. (context idiomatic English) Very close to a deadline. n. (context idiomatic English) An arbitrary (non-specific) point in time, too close to a deadline to reasonably begin a critical task.

last minute

n. the latest possible moment; "money became available at the eleventh hour"; "at the last minute the government changed the rules" [syn: eleventh hour]

Last minute

Last Minute may refer to:

  • The Last Minute, a film from Stephen Norrington
  • "Last Minute", a song from Marcin Rozynek's album Ubieranie do snu
  • Last Minute (band), a band formed by Ryan Primack
  • Last Minute (Italian band), an Italian gothic rock band
  • "Last Minute" (Continuum), the third season finale of the Canadian television series, Continuum

Usage examples of "last minute".

She bathed and dressed in the new tunic, did her hair and face with tremendous care and sat down to wait until the very last minute before dinner.

Which was hardly surprising since the doctor had made lightning telephone calls to his guests at the last minute, intimating that a close friend of Phyllida had arrived to see her and it seemed a good idea to invite a few people to meet him.