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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lasse \Lasse\ (l[a^]s), a. & adv. Less. [Obs.]


Lasse is a common given name in the Nordic countries. It is also often a nickname for people named Lars.

Notable people named Lasse include:

  • Lasse Åberg (born 1940), Swedish actor, musician, film director and artist
  • Lasse Gjertsen (born 1984), Norwegian animator
  • Lasse Hallström (born 1946), Swedish film director
  • Lasse Holm (born 1943), Swedish composer, lyricist and singer
  • Lasse Karjalainen (born 1974), Finnish retired footballer
  • Lasse Kjus (born 1971), Norwegian former alpine skier
  • Lasse Kukkonen (born 1981), Finnish hockey defenceman
  • Lasse Mårtenson (born 1934), Finnish singer and composer
  • Lasse Nielsen (disambiguation)
  • Lasse Pirjetä (born 1974), Finnish hockey forward
  • Lasse Pöysti (born 1927), Finnish actor
  • Lasse Qvist (born 1987), Danish football player
  • Lasse Rimmer (born 1972), Danish comedian
  • Lasse Sætre (born 1974), Norwegian retired speed skater
  • Lasse Sobiech (born 1991), German footballer
  • Lasse Thoresen (born 1949), Norwegian composer and writer
  • Lasse Virén (born 1949), Finnish Olympic champion long-distance runner
  • Lasse Wiklöf (1944–2008), politician in the Åland Islands of Finland
Lasse (disambiguation)

Lasse is a male Scandinavian given name.

Lasse may also refer to:

  • Lasse, Maine-et-Loire, France, a commune
  • Lasse, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France, a commune
  • Dick Lasse (born 1935), American former National Football League player and former college football coach
  • Kurt Lasse (1918–1941), German World War II Luftwaffe ace

Usage examples of "lasse".

Several of the lasses tittered, then cast him knowing glances over their shoulders.

With drivel like that to contemplate, the lasses would be lying in wait for him, especially if word got out that he was journeying into the bens.

He had the attentions of the lasses but not the burden of their aspirations.

Long admired by the lasses for its glossy ebon waves, now, at only eight and twenty, it was thinning rapidly.

He warmed his hands, smiled at the two lasses, then took up his drum again.

There are no eligible lasses at Assynt save for me, so you need not waste your time traveling there.

I simply wish all lasses could be as blessed as I to be wed to a brave, braw lad.

She had the audacity to wink at him while the lasses giggled and the men guffawed.

Two lads hauled in a fair-sized wooden tub while four lasses followed with kettles of hot water.

She was nothing like the lasses his mother would have him choose from.

And his manliness in the bedchambers of high and mighty lasses throughout Europe.

If, when deeath comes, aw find Aw leeav some virtuous lasses An some honest lads behind.

While the cook bellowed for peace Jill grabbed the pair of lasses and knocked them apart so hard that they cowered back by the wall.

Slaecca spoke to one of the serving lasses, who trotted off only to return in a few minutes with another servant, a blonde woman, heavy-breasted yet lithe.

The cook always sent her on errands into town, you see, because she was the oldest of the three kitchen lasses, so she could get a word with him when she needed to.