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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
laser printer
▪ This results in a clean, undistorted image which looks like it's come out of a laser printer rather than a fax machine.
▪ You can also attach the modem to a laser printer to form a receive-only fax.
The Collaborative International Dictionary
laser printer

laser printer \laser printer\ n. A printer controlled by a computer, using a laser beam to produce images in a fine dot-matrix pattern of charge on an electrostatic drum, to which fine particles of ink are subsequently caused to adhere, and the image of which is subsequently transferred to paper or another type of material in sheet form. It is capable of high-speed production of images with a higher resolution than those from dot-matrix impact printers.

laser printer

n. A computer printer that uses a laser beam to produce an image on a rotating drum before transferring it to the paper.

laser printer

n. electrostatic printer that focuses a laser beam to form images that are transferred to paper electrostatically

Usage examples of "laser printer".

It was, in fact, going to take eight line-and-a-half-spaced pages off his laser printer.

Within seconds, a laser printer generated two pages of cleartext message.

A scruffy hand punched the PRINT command, and the office laser printer started humming and disgorging papers.

Two computers with large hard-disk capacities, a full-color laser printer, and other pieces of equipment were arrayed from one end of the work surface to the other.

The drawing had been made by Archimedes using a simple drawing program on a computer, and then it had been shrunk to a tiny size on a laser printer.

Next he took me into a small room where a laser printer was sweeping out miles of green-striped paper.

The laser printer had been moved, as had the modem and all of my computer reference guides.

I output the stuff on a laser printer, scan the picture, paste it up and ship it.

Simultaneously the laser printer began to churn out the same data.

He made a printout, and the in-built laser printer printed out the written text from the screen.