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Lasch is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Christopher Lasch (1932–1994), American historian, moralist, and social critic
  • Otto Lasch (1893–1971), German general
  • Ryan Lasch (born 1987) American hockey player

Usage examples of "lasch".

State of Connecticut will prove that Molly Carpenter Lasch, with the intent to cause the death of her husband, Dr.

Molly Carpenter Lasch, charged with the murder of her husband, Gary, opened this morning in the mellow dignity of the courtroom in historic Stamford, Connecticut.

Molly Lasch turned and looked around the courtroom as though searching for familiar faces.

Prosecutor has just told you that he will prove Molly Lasch guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I submit to you that the evidence will show that Molly Lasch is not a murderer.

Her husband, Cal, was chairman of the board of Lasch Hospital and of the HMO Gary had founded with Dr.

When Molly Lasch gets out of Niantic Prison next week, I want you to be part of the reception committee welcoming her.

Molly Carpenter Lasch will emerge shortly, after having spent five and a half years behind bars following her manslaughter plea in the death of her husband, Gary Lasch.

Molly Carpenter Lasch reached the gate, stopped, and watched as it swung open.

Molly Lasch should be careful not to turn his back on her if she gets sore at him.

Niantic Prison opened and Molly Carpenter Lasch walked down the driveway to make a brief but startling statement to the press.

Remington Health Management Organization was located on the grounds of Lasch Hospital in Greenwich.

Molly Lasch had done, Jenna devoted her energies instead to her Manhattan law practice.

Greenwich and her meeting with Molly Carpenter Lasch, she felt her thoughts insistently returning to the night her father shot himself.

Molly Lasch claims she cannot remember causing the death of her husband, there seems to be no other possible explanation.