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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Larry \Lar"ry\, n. Same as Lorry, or Lorrie.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

masc. proper name, often a familiar form of Lawrence.


n. (alternative form of lorry English)




Origin: Hella


Larry is a masculine given name in English, derived from Lawrence or Laurence. It can be a shortened form of those names.

Larry may refer to the following:

Larry (cartoonist)

Terence "Larry" Parkes (19 November 1927 – 25 June 2003) was an English cartoonist. His work, consisting largely of single drawings featuring an absurdist view of normal life, was published in many magazines and newspapers, particularly Punch and Private Eye. The pen name under which he worked was inspired by actor Larry Parks.

Parkes's cartooning style was extremely minimalist. No speech bubbles or captions were used, and he often used a few lines to suggest the outline of some feature, such as an arm or a leg, preferring to concentrate on the main idea of the drawing. Especially in the early part of his career, when cartoonists were expected to produce polished work, he was frequently admonished by his editors to "fill in" his drawings before they would be published. As styles changed in the 1960s and 1970s, his more fluid, off-the-cuff style became his trademark. He was compared to Bill Tidy, both for his particular way of drawing people, and for the speed at which he could work.

In later life, he drew a series of cartoons depicting his usual subjects as if they were sculptures by Rodin on display in a gallery. Instead of "Rodin's Thinker" or "Rodin's Kiss" his art-lovers saw sculptures such as "Rodin's Babysitter" and "Rodin's Cleaning Lady". He extended this into parodies of other works of art, such as the Supper at Emmaus, his version being "the presentation of the bill".

He also did the cartoon sketches that were used on Carry On film titles, and in the late 1980s provided illustrations for W H Smith's own-label stationery packaging.

Larry (cat)

Larry is the 10 Downing Street cat and is Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. Larry is a brown and white tabby, believed to have been born on 3rd January 2007.

After taking up his appointment, Larry quickly developed a reputation for being late to attend meetings and aggression towards news reporters. By July 2016, when Theresa May became Prime Minister, Larry had developed a reputation of being "violent" in his interactions with other local mousers, namely the Foreign Office's much younger cat Palmerston.

Usage examples of "larry".

Larry jerked his head toward the room across the hall, and Adler sprinted out of the room.

Over the pounding of his heartbeat Larry heard the camera make brief, whiny buzzing sounds as its autofocus made adjustments.

Roger Norland, Wardell Payne, Mark Pendergrast, Larry Pizer, Bernice Reagan, Ellen Reeves, Joe Reidy Roy Rozensweig, Harry Ruben-stein, Faith Davis Ruffins, John Salter, John Anthony Scott, Saul Schniderman, Barry Schwartz, Louis Segal, Ruth Selig, Betty Sharpe, Brian Sherman, David Shiman, Beatrice Siegel, Barabara Clark Smith, Luther Spoehr, Jerold Starr, Mark Stoler, Bill Sturtevant, Lonn Taylor, Linda Tucker, Harriet Tyson, Ivan von Sertima, Herman Viola, Virgil J.

After a few seconds we were outside the station, dropping down the Beanstalk after Jen and Larry.

Pip took Bets, and Larry went with Daisy, and with many squeals and yells they crashed into one another, and shook themselves and the little cars almost to pieces.

Larry was at the corner, Pip was near the house, and Daisy and Bets were not far off.

Fatty had gone to tea with Larry and Daisy that afternoon, as Pip and Bets had gone out with their mother.

If you do, Bets and I can be with you and Larry, and we can all be together.

I found Steamboat Springs on my own, Lester Wall pointed me toward the splendors of the Elk River Valley and Larry and Marilyn Shames planted the seeds that led me from there to the blowdown in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness.

I hoped that Jen and Larry would keep their attention up, watching an endless succession of buckets flash past them and checking each one for radioactivity count.

At an almost subliminal level, a soft musical refrain had begun, a chanting sound that whispered in her ears: Chango mani rote Chango mani cote olle Larry Niven and Steven Barnes 159 She tapped at the earpiece of her Virtual set.

All that night Larry and Jack slept in the canoe, while the Chippewa boy paddled noiselessly, mile after mile.

Larry and Jack saw it all, but they said nothing, only relieved the Chippewa of all the work they possibly could, so that, should necessity demand that Fox-Foot must lose rest and food, he would be well fortified for every tax placed upon him.

Larry Cutlip, and this Pritchett, the rich one we been hearing so much about?

Why did I stay in that house and let the likes of Larry Cutlip ply his charm on me?