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n. (context zoology English) Any member of the Laridae.


n. long-winged web-footed aquatic bird of the gull family

Usage examples of "larid".

He was turned to his back while still dazed from the fall, and Larid applied her knowing hands to his body, bringing immediate response from him, then did she quickly take possession of him.

He shouted wordlessly and fought to free himself, yet did Larid retain her place with laughter and pleasure.

Two of the other of my warriors knelt, one upon each of his shoulders to hold him down, and Larid was able to drain him well before she stood again.

I found the captive secured between my gando and that of Larid, and he looked up at me uncomprehendingly.

It was secure, as was the thong from the gando of Larid, therefore did I direct our departure.

When my satisfaction was complete, I rose to my feet and reclaimed my swordbelt, then spoke to Larid, who stood near to me.

It gave the spear a pleasant lightness as I weighed it in my hand, feeling for its balance, and Larid and Fayan too were pleased.

A babble of noise broke from the watching males, and Larid reddened with shame for so poor a cast.

Again the watching males commented noisily, and Nidisar turned from the board to look at Larid and Fayan with unwarranted disbelief.

Fayan and Larid laughed as well, which angered him further, yet had he control of his anger.

When we reached my warriors, I found Larid pleased by the outcome, but not so Fayan.

She stayed well away from Nidisar as we made our way toward Binat and Comir, and Larid was well amused by the heated glances exchanged between warrior and male.

Nidisar of Larid and Fayan, his amusement gone, and a strange sort of anger filling him.

Brothers, allow me to present Jalav, Larid, Binat, Comir, and Fayan, also wishing to be known at large as hunters.

The same number of males seemed present, and Larid and Binat sat laughing with the hunters, he who had been pursuing Larid now all smiles with his arm about her.