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Larga may refer to several villages in Romania:

  • Larga , a village in Dofteana Commune, Bacău County
  • Larga, a village in Samarinești Commune, Gorj County
  • Larga, a village in Suciu de Sus Commune, Maramureş County
  • Larga (Lárga), a village in Sărmaşu town, Mureş County
  • Larga, a village in Gurghiu Commune, Mureş County

two places in Moldova:

  • Larga, a commune in Briceni district
  • Larga, a village in Zolotievca Commune, Anenii Noi district

a species of true seal:

  • Larga seal (Phoca largha)

a musical note value in mensural notation, also called the maxima.

Usage examples of "larga".

Olha a Sunda tao larga, que huma banda Esconde para o sul difficultuoso.

Recupero ahora una suerte de larga mesa operatoria, muy alta, en forma de U, con hoyos circulares en los extremos.

La Caledonia era una casa larga, de adobe, con el techo de paja a dos aguas y con un corredor de ladrillo.

A ras del suelo, una larga ventana con barrotes corta el muro central.

In the Via Larga the country people were dozing in their carts as the donkeys and oxen clop-clopped over the stones with their produce for the Old Market.

Michelangelo as he paused on the Via Larga for a moment to gaze in admiration.

He drove down the hill, turned right at Varlungo, went along the shore of the Affrico River, past the ancient Porta alla Croce marking the fourth limit of the city, along the Borgo la Croce, past the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova, turned right at Via Larga in front of the Medici palace, through the Piazza San Marco to the garden gate, as proud as though he were carrying home his bride.

Lent Michelangelo saw his brother Giovansimone hurrying down the Via Larga at the head of a group of white-robed boys, their arms laden with mirrors, gowns of silk and satin, oil paintings, statuary, jewel boxes.

Calderai with its coppersmiths and cuirass-makers, across the Via Larga to the Medici palace.

Da Maria Quen, su muger, y que de todos los contenidos en la pregunta, tuvo muy larga noticia de ellos, porque D.

To compound the problem, Karne had early shown that he valued learning, diplomacy, and negotiation, as the Larga did.

And Frigdis spoke of a coming disaster, but the Larga is already dead.

American from Portland with his fifty-year face running sweat and his new Dodge Polaro sitting behind a tow truck outside the Larga Distancia Oficina.

Pascal and Gini found four rental ncies, including the one in the Calle Larga, but all four were d and shuttered.

Yo siempre digo que un recinto sin una ventana como la gente, a la larga resulta insalubre.