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Laree may refer to:

  • Larée, a village and commune in France
  • Lari (fish hook money), an obsolete coinage used around the Arabian sea
  • The Georgian lari, a unit of currency
  • The Maldivian laari, a unit of currency

Usage examples of "laree".

The more she was put through, the more Laree was convinced Hethrir was lying.

Hethrir moved forward, towing Laree with him and leaving the Proctors behind.

His eyes kept drifting to the empty seat beside him, where Laree should have been sitting.

He put his hand on her hair and calm her-- Laree jerked back in a crying frenzy.

With a rush of adrenaline, Laree rolled out of his grip and off her bed.

Blinking his eyes, he saw Master Skywalker and Laree hovering above him.

The Jedi all scuried out, except Master Skywalker and Laree, who stood behind Chris.

He disappeared, reappearing at the main entrance of the palace, with Laree by his side.

After a bit of exploring, Chris and Laree came to their adjoining rooms, in part of the old section of the palace, bearing hinged doors.

Chris and Laree came up to the table where Han, Chewbacca, Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin already sat.

There were long conversations about Chris, but Laree seemed rather out of it.

As Chris went in with the children, Leia pulled Laree into another room.

Just then, Leia and Laree entered again, Laree blinking tears from her eyes.

He hopped up to his feet and stood in front of Laree, glaring at her angrily.

Luke is out somewhere, Laree is with Gaeri somewhere, where does that leave me?