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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lardy \Lard"y\ (l[aum]rd"[y^]), a. Containing, or resembling, lard; of the character or consistency of lard.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1879, from lard (n.) + -y (2). Related: Lardiness.


a. 1 Resembling or containing (perhaps an excess of) lard. 2 (context colloquial pejorative of a person English) fat or overweight. n. 1 (context slang pejorative English) An obese person. 2 A lardy cake.


Lardy is a commune in the Essonne department in Île-de-France in northern France.

Inhabitants of Lardy are known as Larziacois.

Lardy (disambiguation)

Lardy may refer to:

  • Henry A. Lardy (1917-2010), emeritus biochemistry professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Lardy, a commune in the Essonne department in Île-de-France in northern France
Lardy (Paris RER)

Lardy is a railway station located in Lardy, Essonne, Paris, France. The station was opened in 1843 and is located on the Paris–Bordeaux railway. The station is served by Paris' express suburban rail system, the RER. The train services are operated by SNCF.

Usage examples of "lardy".

But always he would have a cup of tea and a great shive of hot, lardy cake with butter on it.

Little rivers of yellow, brown, and pinkish-purple cream were running down over her huge lardy hands.

Sweat was pouring off his lardy face in rivulets, drenching the ornate cloak.

And Bloom, of course, with his knockmedown cigar putting on swank with his lardy face.

Letch was short, bald, lardy at the hips, with the muscle tone of a bruised banana.

And then we would eat a lardy cake, which my mother had baked herself, and ever since that time the taste of lardy cake has had about it the taste of prayer.

Christmas Day, then, kept inside the house by rain falling hour after hour from a black sky, I sat alone in my Withdrawing Room, thinking about my mother and trying to compose a plea to God, assisted by morsels of an excellent lardy cake which I had ordered Cattlebury to bake.

Cattlebury will bake a lardy cake and one of his Carbonados and all the Dust Sheets which do cover things since the V.

On a little oak table is a china plate with a lardy cake upon it, and this discovery of the cake wakes in me a colossal hunger, as if I had not eaten for an entire week.

Once when h was scolding a frail incumbent who found it impossible t raise money for the church debt the big woman came ragin out and scourged him for his unkindness to the meek old man who had more holiness in his big toe than His Lordship in his whole lardy body.

Vermishank strained his head over his lardy shoulder, glanced vaguely at the shelves of volumes that covered his walls.

Arthur, Flash Bob, Young Brummy, Lardy, Bumper, Old Tacks, Jo at Thomson's, Short-pipe Tommy, Boy Dick, Chaffy Sam Coppock,' and others equally suggestive.

He told Joelle van Dyne, she of the accent and baton and brainlocking beauty, told her in the course of an increasingly revealing conversation after kind of amazingly she had approached him at a Columbus Day Major Sport function and asked him to autograph a squooshy-sided football he'd kicked a hole through in practice the deflated bladder had landed in the Marching Terriers' sousaphone player's sousaphone and had been handed over to Joelle after extrication by the lardy tubist, sweaty and dumb under the girl's Ac-taeonizingly imploring gaze asked him Orin now also suddenly damp and blank on anything attractive to say or recite asked him in an emptily resonant drawl to inscribe the punctured thing for her Own Personal Daddy, one Joe Lon van Dyne of Shiny Prize KY and she said also of the Dyne-Riney Proton Donor Reagent Corp. of nearby Boaz KY, and engaged him (O.

That lardy lug, Conte Cozonac, and the midget, Muta, must belong to the same gang!