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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Burdock \Bur"dock\, n. [Bur + dock the plant.] (Bot.) A genus of coarse biennial herbs ( Lappa), bearing small burs which adhere tenaciously to clothes, or to the fur or wool of animals.

Note: The common burdock is the Lappa officinalis.


n. African waist scarf.


Lappa may refer to:

  • Lappa, Rethymno, a municipal unit in the Rethymno regional unit, Greece
  • The ancient city of Lappa, now known as Argyroupoli, Rethymno, Crete, Greece
  • A plant, Arctium lappa, also called greater burdock
  • Lappa, Queensland, a village in the Shire of Mareeba, North Queensland, Australia, also known as Lappa Lappa and Lappa Junction
  • Lappa, a garment worn by Igbo men and women in Nigeria1

Usage examples of "lappa".

It was quite late now, with the three moons rising in the night sky and the lappas filling the air with their pleasant hum.

A pleasant hum rose from something called lappas, mingling with the rush of water from the falls.