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n. 1 rabbit fur. 2 A castrated male rabbit.

  1. n. the fur of a rabbit [syn: rabbit]

  2. castrated male rabbit


Lapin is a Russian patronymic surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Aleksandr Gennadyevich Lapin (born 1980), Russian professional football player
  • Aleksandr Viktorovich Lapin (born 1975), Russian professional football player
  • Chay Lapin (born 1987), American water polo goalkeeper
  • Daniel Lapin (born 1950), political commentator and American Orthodox rabbi
  • David Lapin (born 1949), South African corporate advisor and rabbi
  • Evgeny Lapin, Russian ice hockey player
  • Ivan Lapin (born 1988), Russian football player
  • Gerri Lapin, pseudonym of Goldie Alexander (born 1936), Australian author
  • Lee Lapin (1948–2009), American author
  • Leonhard Lapin (born 1947), Estonian artist, architect and poet
  • Nicole Lapin (born 1984), CNN anchor
  • Nikita Lapin (born 1993), Russian footballer
  • Raphael Lapin (born 1955), negotiation, mediation and communication expert
  • Raymond Lapin (1919–1986), American politician
  • Ron Lapin (1941–1995), American surgeon
  • Sergey Lapin (police officer), Russian police officer
  • Sergey Georgyevich Lapin (1912–1990), Soviet Union diplomat and politician

Usage examples of "lapin".

On y voyait des chevaux brabancons, des lapins, de petits cochons, des poules, des moutons a grosse queue.

Slowly and with great difficulty, Lapin wallowed down to one knee and bent her head.

He leaped forward, caught Lapin and Hugh by the arms, yanked them back into the center of the clearing.

Hugh and Lapin and leaped back, whirling his staff over his head again.

High above them, Lapin sat on a jury-rigged scaffold, hands flat on her knees.

Teller, a man who likely served at least part of the lengthy apprenticeship with Lapin, a mage of note in the history of mages.

It seems most probable that Lapin died before Teller had completed his studies.

Olympe but with the red-mahogany cast of the free colored, with a two-year-old boy on her knee, telling him a long tale about Compair Lapin and Michie Dindon while she shelled peas at the table.

It is only an honest cuisine bourgeoise, but such a civet de lapin!

Servants appeared with langues de lapins de garenne--red wine and a sauce of mushroom-yeast on the side.

Servants appeared with langues de lapins de garenne — red wine and a sauce of mushroom-yeast on the side.