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n. (plural of lapel English)

Usage examples of "lapels".

The girl staggered, losing her balance on the high heels, and Cerise hauled her up bodily, using both lapels this time, and slammed her back against the bricks, narrowing missing a light tube.

She swept the lapels of her robe closed as if he were a frigid wind and hurried over to the chair nearby, slipping on a much heavier pink wrap that covered even her bare toes.

He strode into the room, the long lapels of his coat flaring out from his aggressive pace.

She deftly undid three buttons and dragged the open lapels of his shirt down his arms.

The lapels waved open in the breeze of his uneven gait, showing the sumptuous curves of his big shoulders, nicely plumped up chest, and contoured belly.

Parting the lapels, she took a quick feel of his broad chest before she dragged her taut nipples over it.

She hugged him, her fingers rubbing his bared skin between the hanging lapels of his shirt.

Behind her shambled a tall man, whose big hands strayed nervously to his dusty cravat and the threadbare lapels of his coat.

Bunching the lapels of her jacket closed at her throat, Maggie shivered as if she were freezing.

They were still wearing their name tags, clipped to the lapels of identical charcoal-gray suits.

There came to his nostrils not the expected reek of sulfur but a subtler effluvium of expensive aftershave, together with a few bars of elevator music -- and a natty young man in a sixties vintage suit with narrow lapels and a slim funereal tie peered at him from behind black, very mod horn-rimmed glasses.