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Lapan is a commune in the Cher department in the Centre region of France.

Usage examples of "lapan".

Nevertheless, he was a man of forceful ability and personal magnetism, possessed standing in Lapan as a soldier and leader and was popular and influential among his own people.

Belishba, Chalcon, Gelt, Lapan and Kabin of the Waters: Ortelga, Paltesh, Tonilda, Ur-tah, Yelda and Sarkid of the Sheaves.

She lit the lot, wishing as she did so that she had some pretty night-robe or dressing-gown, like the one she had put onand then taken offfor Randronoth of Lapan on the night when he had stayed with Sencho.

When the news reached us in Lapan I could scarcely believe it at first.

The governor of Lapan was seated on the end of a near-by couch, elbow on knee and chin on hand, gazing at her as though there were no one else in the hall.

Friends and sycophants were gathering round the governor of Lapan, addressing him with the half-congratulatory and half-envious admiration usually shown by people towards a man who has done something which, though they may consider it reckless and foolhardy, they cannot help wishing they had had the gall to do themselves.

Randronoth has the whole of Lapan ready to declare for you as Sacred Queen.

He must be throwing virtually the entire resources of the Lapan treasury into the plot.

He told you that the whole of Lapan was ready to declare for you as Sacred Queen.

Randronoth of Lapan and her own porter murdered and her house turned upside-down.

My first job was with a company that sent me to lapan, and so I learned lapanese when I was in my early twenties.