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The Collaborative International Dictionary

lansa \lansa\, lansah \lansah\n. Same as lanseh.

Syn: lanseh, lansat, lanset.


n. East Indian tart yellow berrylike fruit [syn: lanseh, lansat, lanset]

LANSA (development environment)

LANSA is an integrated development environment for building software applications that can run on IBM i, Windows and Linux. The features of the LANSA development environment are:

  • High-level programming language
  • Business rules and data definitions metadata repository
  • Data management services
  • Application framework
  • Integrated development environment (IDE)

LANSA can mean:

  • Líneas Aéreas Nacionales S. A. (Peru), a former airline better known by its acronym LANSA
  • LANSA (development environment), a software development environment

Usage examples of "lansa".

Out of the corner of her eye Raina spotted pretty Lansa Tanner, her cheeks dusted with flour, fussily chopping carrots.

It was supposed to have been flown out to Tampa, on its first leg, by an Avianca or Lansa freighter but all the domestic national airlines were temporarily grounded at the beginning of May, 1958, when the new elections were coming up.