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Länna may refer to several places in south central Sweden:

  • Länna, Uppsala Municipality, a locality in Uppsala Municipality, Uppsala County, Uppland
  • Länna, Norrtälje Municipality, a parish in Norrtälje Municipality, Stockholm County, Uppland
  • Länna, Huddinge Municipality, a part of Huddinge Municipality, Stockholm County, Södermanland
Lanna (disambiguation)

Lanna, or Lan Na, was a kingdom in northern Thailand from the 13th to 18th centuries.

Lanna may also refer to:

  • Lanna people, or Northern Thai, an ethnic group native to the former kingdom
  • Lanna language, or Northern Thai language, spoken in the area of the former kingdom
  • Lanna script, or Tai Tham, a script used for languages of the region
  • Northern Thailand, the center of the former kingdom called Lanna
  • Lanna, Lekeberg, locality in Sweden
  • Lanna, Värnamo, locality in Sweden
  • Länna (disambiguation), name of several localities in Sweden
  • Lanna Commins (born 1983), Thai singer
  • Lanna Saunders (1941–2007), American actress
  • Ilario Lanna (born 1990) Italian footballer
  • Marco Lanna (born 1968), Italian footballer
  • Salvatore Lanna (born 1976), Italian footballer and coach
  • 6928 Lanna, main-belt asteroid
  • Vila Lanna, Neo-Renaissance building in Prague, Czech Republic