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vb. (en-third-person singular of: lank)

Usage examples of "lanks".

Then Lanks, his War Minister, his intelligence chief, and his daughter Weldi went outside.

He'd long admired Heber Lanks as a historian-philosopher and teacher, and admired him now as president for his patience, his humility—and yes, his judgment.

Fossur was in uniform, and so was Major Oress, but Lanks wore comfortable yard clothes, with a heavy twill shirt to protect him somewhat from the bull flies, for fly-time had followed mosquito-time in the Free Lands.

More unpleasant and far more certain was Engwar's anger when he learned that Lanks had been taken five days earlier and he hadn't been informed.

And because the Crown would wish to take Lanks from him if it knew, and Lanks was his safe conduct through Smoleni territory.

He'd be angrier at Ko-Dan's guarantee to Lanks than at the delay, for there was no doubt that Engwar would want to humiliate the president publicly, while causing him pain and anguish privately.

At Heklos's office, the lieutenant, stony-faced, told the general what Lanks had said, being careful not to look at the lord regent.

General Belser's expression was stoney with suppressed anger, so instead of starting with Fossur's intelligence review, Heber Lanks opened the meeting with a question: "Does anyone have anything we need to get out of the way before Colonel Fossur brings us up to date?

From the way he glared at his president, he suspected Lanks knew as well.

President Heber Lanks was a very tall, rawboned man who'd gained weight in middle age and now was losing it.

Heber Lanks had seen it before, but his daughter hadn't, and she'd asked Kelmer to show it to her.

Initially Weldi Lanks had been more interested in seeing the rugged, good-looking young Iryalan than the video, but as he played it, she'd become fascinated.

As you know, Trussel has more experience than Lanks and myself combined, especially in death penalty cases.

Weldi Lanks kissed very nicely, her lips full and moist and exciting, and his hand had begun to stroke the back of her thigh.

He thought how much he loved Weldi Lanks, how lovely she was, how desirable.