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Lanka is the name given in Hindu mythology to the island fortress capital of the legendary demon king Ravana in the epics of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The fortress was situated on a plateau between three mountain peaks known as the Trikuta Mountains. The ancient city of Lankapura is thought to have been burnt down by Hanuman. After its king, Ravana, was killed by Rama with the help of his brother Vibhishana, the latter was crowned king of Lankapura. The mythological site of Lankā is identified with Sri Lanka. His descendants were said to still rule the kingdom during the period of the Pandavas. According to the Mahabharata, the Pandava Sahadeva visited this kingdom during his southern military campaign for the rajasuya of Yudhishthira.

Lanka (disambiguation)

Lanka may refer to:

  • Lanka, in Hindu mythology
  • Lanka, Assam, a town in Assam, India
  • Lanka, Chhattisgarh, a town in Chhattisgarh, India
  • Sri Lanka, an island nation south of India
  • Lanka, the Hungarian name for Lunca Apei village, Apa Commune, Satu Mare County, Romania
  • Lanka (2006 film), a 2006 film
  • Lanka (2011 film), a 2011 film
Lanka (2006 film)

Lanka is a Malayalam film directed by A. K. Sajan released in the year 2006. The film stars Suresh Gopi and Mamta Mohandas.

Lanka (2011 film)

Lanka is a 2011 Indian drama- thriller film directed by Maqbool Khan and produced by Vikram Bhatt under BVG Films associating ASA Production and Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. The film stars Manoj Bajpayee, Arjan Bajwa and Tia Bajpai in the lead roles. It was released on 9 December 2011.

Usage examples of "lanka".

If you are to present yourselves as enterprising businessmen searching Sri Lanka for the site of your electronics concern, how better to present yourselves than accompanied by a certified tourist guide?

Had not the Soviets contributed endless millions of rupees to the development of Sri Lanka and other Third World countries?

A very great disappointment to the people of Sri Lanka, who are loyal members of the Commonwealth, who very greatly need the support of the royal family in this time—"

He'd come to regard the possible Indian invasion of Sri Lanka as a personal insult, but Sri Lanka wasn't U.

Few have been more assiduous or successful than two sceptics from Sri Lanka: one an outspoken maverick who devoted his life to the banishment of superstition.

If there were a single person with supernatural powers in any part of the world, I would have become a pauper long ago because I have offered an award of one lakh [100,000] Sri Lanka rupees to anyone who can demonstrate any one of the 23 items of miracles mentioned in my permanent challenge under fraud-proof conditions.

He was ideally placed to investigate, for in Sri Lanka there are professional hook-hangers who hire themselves out for displays and tourist shows.

So when Harry had suggested coming to Sri Lanka to try to save some of the Cultural Triangle, she had jumped at the chance, and slipped away.

Kenya, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Brazil, Afghanistan, Thailand.

The situation in Sri Lanka was complex, and did, unfortunately, lend itself to misunderstanding, and India regretted that, and there were no hard feelings at all, but wouldn't it be better if both sides stood down.