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Langweer is a village in Friesland in the municipality De Friese Meren. The town was established in 1256, and has a population of 964 (as of January 1, 2004). Langweer has a rich trading history, and it's located at a small lake ( Langweerderwielen). Langweer used to only be reached by water. It was backed by swampland. In 1856 it became connected to the outside world by the Brédyk via Sint Nicolaasga. Johan Vegelinsoord of Claerbergen organized this work which involved treeplanting and drainage.

In the 1990s Langweer has become a favorite town of tourists because of its picturesque streets and watersport opportunities. One of its main events is Skutsjesilen, a sailing race that takes place every summer.

The name Langweer derives from the Frisian name Langwar. War is an old Frisian term for a parcel of land (like English ward) so the name meant long lots, for the shape of the paddocks.

The village symbol which is found on the flag is a swan, possibly derived from the right of farmers to shoot swans.