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Lango may refer to:

Lango (app)

Lango, originally known as Zlango, was an icon-based "language" (actually a logographic writing system) built for web and mobile messaging. Zlango Ltd., the Israeli company which created and owned Zlango, released a Java and Brew application for mobile phones that used the Zlango icon language to create a new form of SMS, called ZMS, using Zlango's icons instead of words.

Usage examples of "lango".

He had broken all contacts with his old associates, with Tony Lango, who ran the Calabrians, and Dennis Pelong, who ran anyone stupid enough to work for him, with Arnold Debbs and one or two other politicians who had come to him for help, with ex-Chief Superintendent Harry Danforth, who thought corruption was a fringe benefit any sensible cop was entitled to.