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Langho is a small rural village north of Blackburn in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, England. It is part of the parish of Billington and Langho. The village is linked with Blackburn and Clitheroe by the A666 road and is served by Langho railway station on the Ribble Valley Line. To the north, separated from the main village by the A59 road, is the original village of Old Langho. Further north there is Brockhall Village, a gated community developed in the 1990s on the site of a hospital. , Northcote Manor, on Northcote Road, is the only restaurant in Lancashire with a Michelin star.

The original Old St Leonard's Church was replaced by the present church in 1880, though the old church is still used several times a year for special services. There is a Church of England Primary School in the village, also called St Leonard's.

There is also a Catholic church (Saint Mary's) and a Catholic school of the same name.