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Langé is a commune in the Indre department in central France.

Lange (musician)

Stuart Langelaan, stage name Lange, (born 4 June 1974) is a British DJ and record producer.

Lange (crater)

Lange is a crater on Mercury. It appears to have been flooded by lava, with only faint traces remaining of a buried inner ring.

Lange (ski boots)

Lange is a major producer of ski boots used in alpine (downhill) skiing. They introduced the world's first plastic ski boots in 1962, and a greatly improved model aimed at the racing market in 1965. After several World Cup and Olympics wins in 1967 and 1968 made them a must-have on the circuit, Lange has remained a force in the racing market ever since. Their boots have equipped five times as many World Cup medal winners as any other brand into the 2000s.

Bob Lange had been experimenting with plastic reinforced ski boots as early as 1958, but it took some time before the basic design was made usable. The first examples from 1962 used ABS shells and laces for closure, but were not very successful. A follow-up design released in volume in the winter of 1965/66 used a new thermoplastic shell, hinged cuff, and latching buckles, and became the first commercially successful replacement for leather boots. By 1970 they were almost universal on the racing circuit, and selling hundreds of thousands of examples as the world's leading ski boot brand.

Lange was a major player in hockey skates during the 1970s. Lange skates were an outgrowth of their plastic ski boots that had foam liners. The Garcia Company bought out Lange in the early 70s but continued development and marketing of Lange throughout the 70s and early 80s. Phil Esposito endorsed and used Lange skates. They went out of favor due to their weight, and frankly, looks, but for a lot of players, looks weren't everything as they were very comfortable to wear and offered more protection than traditional skates.

A major technical misstep in 1970 led to financial difficulties and the eventual sale of the company to Garcia in 1973. Under the new ownership, the company continued development of the classic front-opening design, extending up the calf of the leg to greatly improve directional control and reduce lower-leg injuries. Garcia ran into financial difficulties of their own, and their suite of ski products was purchased by the owner of Rossignol in 1978. Under their direction, Lange released the famous bright-orange XL-R and Z designs of the 1980s, versions of which remained the racer's choice well into the 1990s. Modern Lange boots have changed little in design since these models.

The front-entry design introduced by Lange is used by almost every modern ski boot to this day. Lange remains a major brand worldwide.

Lange (surname)

Lange (, rarely ; German: ) is a surname derived from the German word lang "long". People with this surname include:

  • Algot Lange (1884 – after 1914), Swedish explorer
  • André Lange (born 1973), German bobsledder
  • Andrew E. Lange (1957–2010), U.S. astronomer
  • Antoni Lange (1863–1929), Polish poet
  • Artie Lange (born 1967), U.S. comedian and Stern Show regular
  • Bill Lange (disambiguation)
  • Carl Lange (disambiguation)
  • Christian Lous Lange (1869–1938), Norwegian politician and Nobel Prize winner
  • Cole Lange (born 1994), Canadian Engineering student.
  • Dagmar Lange (1914–1991), Swedish crime novel writer using the pen name Maria Lang
  • Darren Lange (born 1971), freestyle swimmer from Australia
  • David Lange (1942–2005), former Prime Minister of New Zealand (surname pronounced as long-ee)
  • Dorothea Lange (1895–1965), U.S. photographer
  • Friedrich Albert Lange (1828–1875), German philosopher
  • Gustav Lange (1830–1889), German composer
  • Hans-Dieter Lange (1926-2012), German TV journalist
  • Harry W. Lange (born 1952), Investment manager
  • Helene Lange (1848-1930), German activist
  • Herbert Lange (1909–1945), German Nazi SS officer and Holocaust perpetrator
  • Hope Lange (1933–2003), U.S. film actress
  • Jakob Emanuel Lange (1864–1941), Danish mycologist
  • Jessica Lange (born 1949), U.S. film actress
  • Jim Lange (1932–2014), American game show host
  • Joep Lange (1954-2014), Dutch clinical researcher specialising in HIV therapy
  • Johan Lange (1818–1898), Danish botanist
  • Johann Joachim Lange (1670-1744), German Protestant theologian and philosopher
  • Johann Peter Lange (1802–1884), German Protestant theologian
  • John Lange, pen name of Michael Crichton (1942–2008), American author, producer, director, and screenwriter
  • John E. Lange (born 1949), "United States Avian Influenza and Pandemic Ambassador"
  • Johnny Lange (1905–2006), songwriter, author and publisher
  • Joseph Lange (1751–1831), Vienna actor and painter, brother-in-law to Mozart
  • Julius Lange (1817-1878), German landscape painter
  • Julius Lange (1838-1896), Danish art historian
  • Lange (musician) (Stuart Langelaan), British DJ
  • Ludwig Lange (physicist) (1863-1936), German physicist
  • Ludwig Lange (architect) (1808-1868), German architect and landscape designer
  • Ludwig Lange (philologist) (1825-1885), German philologist and archaeologist
  • Marilyn Lange (born 1952), 1975 Playboy Magazine Playmate Of The Year
  • Max Lange (1832-1899), German chess player
  • Michael Lange (born 1950), American television director and music producer
  • Morten Lange (1919–2003), Danish mycologist and politician
  • Mary Elizabeth Lange (Mother Mary Lange) (1784–1882), foundress of Oblate Sisters of Providence
  • Oscar V. Lange, (1853–1913) U.S. photographer
  • Oskar R. Lange (1904–1965), Polish economist and a diplomat
  • Robert John "Mutt" Lange (born 1948), record producer
  • Rudolf Lange (1910 – after 1945), Nazi German SS officer, Holocaust perpetrator, and attendee at the Wannsee Conference
  • Samuel Gotthold Lange (1711-1781), German poet
  • Santiago Lange (born 1961), Argentine Olympic sailor
  • Ted Lange (born 1948), U.S. actor
  • Thomas Lange (disambiguation), several people
  • Thor Lange (1851-1915), Danish writer
  • Vincent Lange (born 1974), German volleyball player

Usage examples of "lange".

So verstrich Sommer und Herbst, aber nun kam der Winter, der kalte, lange Winter.

Manuzhai had de krans van bloemen en linten gemaakt die Sofia om haar hoofd droeg, met lange linten in veel kleuren die in de kroon waren geweven en overal om haar heen tot op de grond vielen.

Lange looked and what a fierce old devil he was when Ingrid Whiter came into the room.

Die Aschenkruege waren umgestossen, Die Scherben lagen traurig durcheinander, Und in dem falben Strahl der Abendsonne, Der durch die Ritzen des Gemaeuers drang, Sah ich ein Woelkchen blassen Staubes schweben, Das vor mir aufstieg, als der letzte Rest Der Toten, und so seltsam mich bewegte, Dass ich, um meinesgleichen, meine Vaeter Vielleicht, nicht unwillkuerlich einzuatmen, Den Odem lange anhielt in der Brust.

Lange was on the way to becoming the king of the Berlin black market by the time they booted him off to Hamburg.

Er würde noch lange leben, bei bester Gesundheit, und das war das Schlimmste von allem.

Wie ich aber rief: 'Meine Herren, ich kenne Sie nicht, und Sie kennen meinen Vater nicht, wissen Sie, denn er ist schon lange durchgebrannt, und geht nicht beim Tage in einen Laden hinein, wissen Sie--und ich habe keinen Schwiegervater, Gott sei Dank, werde auch nie einen kriegen, werde uberhaupt, wissen Sie, ein solches Ding nie haben, nie dulden, nie ausstehen: warum greifen Sie ein Madchen an, das nur Unschuld kennt, das Ihnen nie Etwas zu Leide gethan hat?

These tracks show that de Lange walked in front, and Horne followed behind him-could easily have shot him in the back.

The doctor said Horne's was more advanced than de Lange's-suggested age as the cause: but Horne wasn't old or decrepit-a much simpler explanation was that he died earlier than de Lange did.

These tracks show that de Lange walked in front, and Horne followed behind himcould easily have shot him in the back.

The doctor said Horne's was more advanced than de Lange'ssuggested age as the cause: but Horne wasn't old or decrepita much simpler explanation was that he died earlier than de Lange did.

Er soll Menschen, die ihr Passwort verloren haben, die Möglichkeit geben, es durch Anwendung einfacher Techniken ohne lange Wartezeiten zurückzubekommen und Besitzern von Websites mit geschütztem Inhalt ermöglichen, diese Inhalte zu schützen.

The five years as a lab drone in TRW's materials science lab, a gift from Tom Lange but a prison for Brohier's curiosity.