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Lando may refer to:

  • Lando (name), a given name or surname of Italian origin. See this page for a list of prominent persons with this name.
  • Lando Calrissian, fictional character in Star Wars.
  • Pope Lando (913–914)
  • Landó (music), style of Peruvian music
  • Lando, South Carolina
  • Lando (horse), German racehorse that won the 1995 Japan Cup
  • Herbert v. Lando 441 U.S. 153 (1979), U.S. Supreme Court case involving Anthony Herbert (US soldier)
Landó (music)

'''Landó ''' is an Afro-Peruvian form of music in the musica criolla genre. Its unique yori had been likened to the Yorican blues genre.

Lando (music)
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Lando (name)

Lando is both a masculine Italian given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Pope Lando, Roman Catholic Pope from 913 to 914
  • Lando, a 7th Century Bishop of Rheims
  • Lando, a 13th-century archbishop of Messina
  • Lando of Capua, name of several Italian rulers
    • Lando I of Capua
    • Lando II of Capua
    • Lando III of Capua
    • Lando IV of Capua

Given name:

  • Lando Buzzanca (born 1935), Italian actor
  • Lando Ferretti (1895–1977), Italian journalist and politician
  • Lando Fiorini (born 1938), Italian actor and singer
  • Lando Ndasingwa (died 1994), Rwandan politician


  • Joe Lando (born 1961), American actor
  • Peter Lando, set decorator
  • Pietro Lando, Doge of Venice from 1538 to 1545
  • Teta Lando (1948–2008), Angolan musician


  • Lando is a nickname for ice hockey player Gabriel Landeskog

Fictional characters:

  • Lando Calrissian, fictional character in Star Wars
  • Mathilda Lando, fictional character played by Natalie Portman in Léon: The Professional
Lando (horse)

Lando (23 January 1990 – 20 August 2013) was a German Thoroughbred racehorse and sire. He was twice named German Horse of the Year and set an earnings record for a horse trained in Germany. He was one of the best juveniles in Germany in 1990, winning the Preis des Winterfavoriten and went on to greater success in 1993 when he won the Deutsches Derby and the Grosser Preis von Baden. He continued to improve as a four-year-old, winning the Hansa Preis and a second Grosser Preis von Baden in Germany as well as the Gran Premio del Jockey Club in Italy. He had his best year in 1995 when he won the Gran Premio di Milano and the Preis der Privatbankiers Merck, Finck & Co before ending his career with a victory in the Japan Cup. In all, he won 10 of his 23 races, having competed in five different countries on three continents. After his retirement from racing he became a successful breeding stallion. He died in 2013 at the age of 23.

Usage examples of "lando".

Lando breathed, leaping up the short stairway and jabbing at the bridge door release.

Lando shouted over the echoing thundercrack and a handful of gasping shrieks.

Lando and Tendra were on their comlinks lauding the virtues of YVH war droids to suddenly receptive New Republic procurement officers.

As Lando spoke, he was sending her coordinates on a separate data band.

Lando nosed down toward it and decelerated hard, and then there was nothing but durasteel hull in the forward viewport, and the two ships kissed particle shields hard enough to push the starferry into the Yuuzhan Vong tether ship.

Though Lando had never seen this particular weapon, he felt sure the husks contained some unpleasant surprise.

Lando had spent his youth outwitting Imperial agents and swindling the deadliest criminals in the galaxy, and he had been rescuing the Solo children and their parents for longer than Anakin had been alive.

They had replaced his recessed photoreceptors with extras from the repair kit Lando had included in the equipment pod, but several thud bugs had penetrated deep inside the skull casing, smashing circuit boards and detection mediums beyond all hope of repair.

Lando put the yacht into a corkscrew spin and set an oblique course for the Byrt, maintaining enough angle to clear the starferry by a safe margin.

The Byrt swelled to the size of a building, and Lando nosed down toward it and decelerated hard, and then there was nothing but durasteel hull in the forward viewport, and the two ships kissed particle shields hard enough to push the starferry into the Yuuzhan Vong tether ship.

I got what I really wanted,” Lando said, starting the autodocking sequence and climbing out of the pilot's seat.

Lando grunted as they dropped the droid more or less gently back into the dirt and leaves of the dry creek bed.

The strike team had not been warned about the boarding, in part because Lando wanted their reactions to appear genuine, in part because the Yuuzhan Vong had come so quickly.

Lando said, stepping out of line and moving toward the cashiering station.

  Lando Calrissian, his expression and sense hovering somewhere between impatience and boredom, was sitting off in the far corner, holding a medpack desensitizer against his chest with one hand while balancing a borrowed data pad with the other.