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The Collaborative International Dictionary

landlubberly \landlubberly\ adj. Like a landlubber: inexperienced in seamanshap.

Syn: lubberly.


a. Like a landlubber.


adj. inexperienced in seamanship; "of all landlubbers the most lubberly" [syn: lubberly]

Usage examples of "landlubberly".

But that this was pure landlubberly foolishness could be known by watching Ursel, who was no happier, here and now, than a Hanoverian, half-way across the Steinhuder Meer, when the ice he is treading on begins to crack and tilt.

He throttled back briefly, for reasons she was too landlubberly to understand.

Or they asserted that all those landlubberly creatures had walked dry-shod across a natural bridge or had swum short distances between stepping-stones, and that one such formation or another had since disappeared beneath the waves.