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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
landing gear
▪ Only way I can get the plane I need is you lend e the money to buy the other landing gear.
▪ That report was filed after the landing gear failed a latch check and unsafe lights were on when the gear was retracted.
▪ The landing gear is also a touch fighter-style - tall, thin and hard.
▪ The Dowty group will provide twenty five million pounds worth of fuel systems and landing gear for the Tornado.
▪ The result was a mild crash; as they hit the ground, the propeller broke and the landing gear gave way.
▪ They entered service with engraved foil type recorders, usually fitted in the landing gear bay.
The Collaborative International Dictionary
landing gear

landing gear \land"ing gear`\, n. The wheels and attached structures under an airplane that support it and allow it to move when on the ground; also, the floats or pontoons of an amphibious airplane together with their supporting structures. Landing gear may be fixed rigidly in place, or retractable when in flight.

landing gear

n. 1 (context aviation English) the wheels, tyres, brakes, shock absorbers etc of an aircraft; its undercarriage 2 (context trucking English) the bipod stand found near the front end underneath a truck trailer, used to keep the trailer level when not attached to a tractor truck.

landing gear

n. an undercarriage that supports the weight of the plane when it is on the ground

Landing Gear

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Usage examples of "landing gear".

With the two landing gear wheels and small tail wheel, we can work out a tricycle gear system.

The four wheels of the main landing gear were only a few feet from the edge, but there was a chance the plane would stop as the mains rolled off the edge and the belly smashed onto the deck.

Your left landing gear door, the one attached to the left main gear, looks like a big dog's been chewing on it.

She'd been modified for carrying very low temperature cargo, then rebuilt to handle rough landings, then rebuilt again to return her to a deep-space freighter, reclaiming the cargo space lost to the landing gear.

Next to it, an Italian Starfighter was propped on a huge steel jack stand, waiting for a new landing gear strut.

The landing gear dropped and the pilot made a tight bank as he lined up on the as yet unseen airfield.

He relaxed and sat on the ground with his back against one wheel of the landing gear, as the pilot and copilot departed.

The autogyro swept by with its fixed landing gear barely skimming the pavement.

A woman wearing desert combat fatigues with a patch on one sleeve, signifying the UN world symbol with a sword through it, dropped from a hatch in the aircraft's belly between the huge landing gear.

The Hornet settled a bit, a feeling that was never entirely routine, and he climbed into the sky, retracting his landing gear and heading toward the rendezvous point, his wings heavy with fuel tanks and blue practice missiles.

Went through the base perimeter fence and across a ditch that wiped off the landing gear.

He heard a solid bang under his feet: the landing gear dropping into place.